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Snowmelt model

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I am looking for a "snowmelt model, temperature index solutions"

So far all the references i have found are more on a thereoticall level, but I am looking for a complete snowmelt model that leads you step by step using temperature index solutions

I found that are some models,

Martinec "degree-day factor for snowmelt runoff forecasting" (1960)

Martinec "snowmelt runoff model" (1994)

Rosa "Forest snowmelt and spring floods" (1956)

Male and Gray "Snowcover ablation and runoff" in Handbook of Snow (1981)

Gray and Prowse "Snow and floating ice" in Handbook of Hydrology (1992)

Anderson "National weather service river forecast system-Snow accumulation and ablation model" (1973)

I cannot find any of these on the internet,

I have the manual of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and it refers to the model with index solutions but its not a complete one

Thanks in advance

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  • Location: Rochester, Kent
  • Location: Rochester, Kent

    Martinec Model, here

    EDIT: Here's a copy of the interesting bit from above website:


    where ...

    where Q - average daily discharge in m3 sec-1

    SM - Snowmelt volume, M 3

    RI - Rain input volume, M3

    K - recession coefficient

    a - degree - day factor, mm. oC . d-1

    Tsub>max - maximum atmospheric temperature, oC

    A - snowcover area, in sq.km

    p - precipitation at base station at Manali in mm

    g - orographic increase in precipitation

    x - percentage of snowfall

    i - elevation zone

    n - sequence of days during the discharge computation period.

    Hope this helps :(

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  • Location: Rochester, Kent
  • Location: Rochester, Kent

    The article says ...

    The Martinec - Rango model has been successfully used in the United States, Japan, Poland and French Alps

    so I presume that you can apply it anywhere. The parameters are pretty general, and looks like it has been abstracted well, so I can't see there being a problem.


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