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The heaviest hailstones recorded in the UK

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    Horsham, 5th September 1958: A hailstone weighing 141g was recorded.

    The Horsham hailstones


    Thunderstorms began to break out around the Isle of Wight in the early afternoon, intensifying as they moved NEwards across SE England. The Horsham hailstorm struck about 6.30pm, smashing windows, denting cars, breaking roof tiles and destroying vegetation.

    Elsewhere, there were severe thunderstorms with hail and tornadoes were reported in several areas. One such tornado happened near Horsham and passed close to Gatwick Airport where a hangar was badly damaged.

    Intense and frequent lightning flashes accompanied the storms as can be seen in the photo below




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  • Location: Leigh On Sea - Essex & Tornado Alley
  • Location: Leigh On Sea - Essex & Tornado Alley

    Just goes to show we used to get Severe Weather in the Uk.

    Coincidentally today marks the 4th Anniversary of what I believe was the Essex Supercell which happened on Saturday 17th July 2004. The day started bright and warm and then by 1pm Golf Ball Sized Hailstones were falling in South East Essex, this Storm went on to cross the North Sea and envelop most of The Netherlands and Germany because of its size.

    I wonder Kevin wether you have any archives of this little known event, I know East Suffolk had Golf Ball Sized Hailstones as well, sorry to hijack the thread but if you find anything It would be greatly appreciated if you start another thread on it. I am guessing you wont find too much though Sadly!

    Paul S

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