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NW Blog - What's this group thing all about?


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As you may have seen in this announcement, there have been some changes made to the netweather forum, including the addition of new community forums and groups. We're pretty excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this brings for the community, and already a few groups have been started, which you can take a look at here

All groups are free and open for anyone with an interest in the subject to join and take part in, so you can get together with other like minded members of the community to discuss topics, create projects, arrange events or just socialise. The aim isn't to dilute the ongoing areas of the forum, so if for instance someone wanted to start a model watchers group, members of that group would still be encouraged to post into the main model discussion thread on the forums, then within the group they could perhaps discuss other aspects of the models, learn more about how they work, talk about interpreting the output and so on.

The idea is that when a group is started, the group leader(s) will look after that group, will be able to setup topics, moderate as required (with the team's support) and look to bring people into their group and take the group forward in the direction they want - it's a real opportunity to make a part of netweather their own.

On top of this, the blogging system has been changed to allow multiple editors of a blog, so a group could set up their own blog with several editors and use that as an extension to the forum areas. The blogs will also soon become much more customisable with a variety of skin and header options and even the option to design your own look and feel to them. (More on all of this will be posted in a 'how to' thread on the forum shortly).

If you would like to start a group for social purposes, research, to organise an event, to get some like minded individuals together to discuss a particular subject or whatever else, please feel free to contact us and we'll get it set up for you.


Visit the NW Blog to view in full and post your comments / questions

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