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Following the successful launch of the community groups with a number of new groups already up and running, a lot of people have been asking how best to let the other members know about their new groups, so I thought I'd share some ideas.

Firstly, we've made a change to the profile system, so if you visit my controls then select edit profile information, you will see an option at the bottom to enter your community group into it. This will then show up on your profile and also alongside all of your posts.

Another great way of communicating with other users on the forum is to place a link into your signature to the group(s) you belong to, perhaps with a little bit of information to let people know what the group is all about. We will also be creating some button style images for group users to make use of in their signatures, and of course there is nothing to stop any group members from creating their own group logos etc either.

You also have the blogging facility available to use, it is now setup so that multiple editors can add entries to one blog, so a community group blog can be setup. You can do this by visiting my controls and following the blog setup instructions.

We will also do our best to help you promote your community group, whenever a new group is started we'll announce it on the forum, and we will also be regularly featuring groups within the site and forum newsletters which are sent out.

Hopefully that will be enough for you to get your teeth into, of course it doesn't just have to be forum members you can promote your groups to, if you have friends with similar interests, or if you use facebook or other social networks, why not let them know about your community group too?

Don't forget - if you would like to set a group up, please drop any one of the team a pm.


Visit the NW Blog to view in full and post your comments / questions

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