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Very wet past septembers.


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  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.
  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.

    So far this month I`ve already recorded 1.5/6 of my highest ever september rainfall which was in 1999 as 2000 was the 2nd which infact was the wettest since september 1981.

    So a few charts from that extremely wet month which started warm and dry







    What is your wettest september year.

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  • Location: Hanley, Stoke-on-trent
  • Location: Hanley, Stoke-on-trent

    I don't have any figures but Sept 1976 must be up there! Going on holiday with parched, bare, dusty fields & seeing the same fields on the way home flooded. It didn't stop raining for weeks a bit like this August to be honest :lol:


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    The wettest September on record for England and Wales is 1918 with 189.5mm or 7.46 inches (247%). It was also a very cyclonic month, 2nd most cyclonic September on record.

    Here are some rainfall data for this month

    Camden Square: 5.68" (284%)

    Tenterden: 6.26" (278%)

    Arundel: 7.46" (289%)

    Oxford: 4.58" (230%)

    Bury St Edmunds: 5.88" (270%)

    Launceston: 8.40" (270%)

    Church Stretton: 7.34" (306%)

    Boston: 4.21" (207%)

    Southport: 8.49" (274%)

    Wetherby: 6.95" (329%)

    Newcastle: 5.30" (265%)

    Cardiff: 10.69" (296%)

    Llandudno: 6.95" (279%)

    Cargen: 7.29" (218%)

    Glasgow: 6.32" (211%)

    Dundee: 3.85" (164%)

    Aberdeen: 4.42" (164%)

    Fort William: 7.88" (119%)

    Waterford: 7.97" (250%)

    Dublin: 4.87" (236%)

    Omagh: 7.18" (211%)

    The 29th was an unusually cold day for September with maxima barely reaching double figures in many places. Hereford recorded a maxima of just 7C that day and temperatures fell further and sleet was reported as low down as 800ft in the Black mountains, while above 2300ft it was six inches deep in places.

    The CET for the month was 11.9, so it was a very cool and exceptionally wet month.

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