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False rain readings at La-crosse 2300

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  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece
  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece

    Hello all .

    This days i observed suddenly false rain data in my 2300 !.

    little 0,5 mm about ,i have wired conection (cable) but i observed

    false rain without clouds in the sky ,this i observe it 2 times in 3

    days,i put a piece heavy aluminium over to tipping bucket for it is

    stable ,but the other day i observe it again the same false rain .At

    problem it is not from tipping bucket .

    I am little confused because i use wired conection and not wireless

    for it is from interferences .

    I listen for a small capacitor 4,7 nF

    i will try to put a small capacitor 4,7 nF parallel to reed swich but in the remote out thermo -hygro at rain position, for to see if there is

    any differents ,but i do not think because i use wired mode .

    anyway we must to experiment for to we found the solution.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thank you

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