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Important About Rain Gauge La-crosse 2300 !.


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  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece
  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece

    Hello again .

    Yesterday first time i had a mystery false rain readings .

    2-3 days now we have rain here with high level humidity ,rain gauge show me the mm rain fall when start the rain all ok ,but after stop the rain and start a mystery thing ,rain gauge continuity it show me mm rainfall wrong because the rain it stoped .And console show me after stop the rain mm rain fall ,i observe all this false mm stop the morning when sun go up and the humidity go down .

    I open the rain gauge and i see one spider over the contacts at PCB .

    I take warm silicone and i put over at contacts for not can the spiders to walk over there and make a short circuit ,with result at console to show me mm rainfall continuity if the humidity is a high level .


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