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October 1926: Indian Summer Warmth To Winter Cold.......


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

October 1926 was a very interesting month with a burst of Indian Summer warmth in the first week to winter frost and snow during the last few days. This resulted in a spectacular crash in the CET

CET trackometer

1. 11.8

2. 12.8

3. 13.7

4. 14.4

5. 14.3

6. 14.3

7. 14.2

8. 14.2

9. 13.8

10. 13.3

11. 12.9

12. 12.8

13. 12.8

14. 12.8

15. 12.4

16. 12.1

17. 11.8

18. 11.3

19. 10.8

20. 10.5

21. 10.1

22. 9.9

23. 9.6

24. 9.3

25. 9.1

26. 8.9

27. 8.7

28. 8.6

29. 8.5

30. 8.3

31. 8.1

18th October-2nd November 1926 CET: 3.5

23.3C was record at Worksop on the 2nd and 23.9C on the 3rd at Killarney


The Indian summer weather broke down with widespread thunderstorms on the 5th and 6th.

The cold spell started when pressure increased over the Icelandic/Greenland region and this favoured a NEly airstream across the UK. Indeed, pressure anomalies for this month were in the +ve for this area and below average for most of Europe and the Azores


For the second half of the month, maxima temperatures were generally below 10C and there were sharp frosts at night (-7.2C at Usk on the 18th; -10C at West Linton on the 30th and -10.6C at Wolfelee on the 31st)

Rain sleet and snow fell at times to the months end with snow lying almost daily for parts of Scotland and NW England from the 22nd to the 30th. Sleet and snow was reported even as far south as Kent and the Isle of Wight


From the Times of 26th October 1926


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  • Weather Preferences: Heat, sun and thunderstorms in summer. Cold sunny days and snow in winter
  • Location: Birmingham, West Midlands
On 23/10/2008 at 09:46, Weather-history said:


The Indian summer weather broke down with widespread thunderstorms on the 5th and 6th.


Ah, back when thunderstorms were almost always a guarantee after a period of hot weather. Not anymore sadly.

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