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Photos From Around Yorkshire


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  • Location: Cambridge (term time) and Bonn, Germany 170m (holidays)
  • Location: Cambridge (term time) and Bonn, Germany 170m (holidays)

    I was out walking today in Wensleydale, and I was particularly struck by the scenery there, which made me think - Yorkshire is so spectacular in so many ways and in so many places, that I think it is a strong contender for the top spot. I have been all over Europe, to the Alps, Spain, France, Italy etc. but for me, nothing is quite like this area. I know it's sounds cheesy but it really is a must-see. So here are a few photos of today's walk and of some much-loved walks in the past.

    Today I took the walk up to Great Shunner Fell, the third highest peak in the Dales, at 716m (2340ft). Unfortunately my camera packed in after the first few shots (in fact it's my little brother's camera which has a bit of a poor resolution! So I have supplemented with photos from the web.

    I drove from Harrogate to Pateley Bridge, and then over to Grassington (this road climbs to 400m where there is a village at the top!), then up through Wharfedale, which narrows and becomes surrounded by higher fells as you progress. Then the valley splits in two; I drove down the narrow and isolated Langstrothdale. Most spectacularly, the road climbs at the end of this valley, incredibly steeply, right over the top of one of the fells to 580m (one car had overheated near the top on the way back). This road must be impassable many, many times in Winter due to snow. This is a picture of the car at the top, with Ingleborough (723m, second highest peak in Yorkshire) in the background. Sorry about the bad car, at least it got me there!


    On the way back the sun was setting right behind Ingleborough, and the sky behind its profile was lit up like fire - I just wish I had the camera.

    This was taken just after I left Hardraw village, at the foot of the fell, just before the camera packed in.


    Views down Wensleydale also seen on the walk:



    The summit:



    I finished the walk by following the Pennine Way back to the car, then going to buy some Wensleydale cheese and half a pint Old Peculiar - the finest ale in the county by a long way!

    This is my favourite area of Yorkshire - Malham Cove and its surrounding limestone scenery. These are all from a walk I did there about 6 weeks ago or so.






    Malham Tarn:





    These are all from a walk up Whernside (736m, highest peak) at the beginning of October. It snowed on top!


    Views to Ingleborough:




    Ribblehead Viaduct, on the Settle - Carlisle railway:


    These are from a walk up Great Whernside (no where near Whernside) at 704m





    These are from a walk in upper Wharfedale last March, with snow above about 450m





    Now who's telling me Yorkshire isn't the queen of the counties!?

    That's about all for now, although there is more on my parents' computer on request! I didn't know if this would interest anyone or not really, it's just for me it's such an amazing place. Does anyone else have a favourite place like this? Can anyone explain why? Do post photos of your fav places, although nothing from Derbyshire or Lancashire please :good: !







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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    typical bloody tyke, biased, not much!

    nice photos though even if I come from Derbyshire

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  • Location: Antrim, N Ireland
  • Location: Antrim, N Ireland

    Thanks for sharing some gorgeous pics Yeti.

    The 3rd one in particular reminds me of the Glens of Antrim.....worth a visit if you ever get the chance

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  • Location: City of Gales, New Zealand, 150m ASL
  • Location: City of Gales, New Zealand, 150m ASL

    Certainly it's a beautiful area :)

    I think in an ideal world when we visit places, we should not really compare them to others. But, we all have our personal favourite places and it is not an ideal world :doh:

    For me, I have never seen anything in the UK that knocked me off my feet and captured my heart like New Zealand did. Not even close. I really don't think I could return home to the UK now and appreciate it.

    But then this does not stop me from travelling abroad. In fact I spend most of my leave out of NZ. There is unlimited scenery in this world, some of it will blow your mind, doesn't matter too much where or what it is just so long as you don't stop looking for more :)

    I know there is a saying that once a year you should go somewhere that you've never been. I try to do that much more often. Once a week if I can. That way, it never ends.

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