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Winter 1828-29


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

Winter 1828-29 was a peculiar winter with a very mild December, a notably cold January and a fairly average


December 1828: 7.4 (+4.2)

January 1829: 0.3 (-2.2)

February 1829: 4.3 (+0.2)

December 1828 is the 7th mildest December ever recorded. The period 4th-24th December was exceptionally mild: 9.0C

January 1829 is joint 27th coldest ever recorded. The period 16th-25th January average: -2.9

The drop in CET between December and January is the largest ever recorded

December 1828 was wet whilst January and February were pretty dry.

The modern day equivalent of this winter would be 1986-87.

"The weather during the last two or three days has been mild to an extraordinary degree in this neighbourhood. On Monday, the thermometer stood, at one period, as high as 56F, this may be considered as remarkable, when, as has been stated to us be the case, it is on record that during the "dog days", last summer, it stood as low as 45F.

Flies are still commonly observed in most houses and yesterday we actually saw a wasp that had crept forth from its winter retreat and was essaying to poise itslef on its "gauzy pinions"

Public Ledger 26th December

"The weather here still continues unprecedently fine for the season. We have not yet experienced any of the usual concominants of winter; the Cambrian hills have exhibited some hail this week and the winds have been and still continue bisterous but in other respects it is spring; the fields retain their verdure and cattle lack no fod in the pastures. This is an important, as from the immense destruction by the floods of last summer in the hay and other crops, great apprehension was entertained of a scarcity in the article of fodder, which, providentally, is much lower than usual at this time of year.

Chester Chronicle 17th December

"After an autumn almost unprecedened for a long season of fine clear and dry weather, we have for several weeks past had a continuance of cloudy and wet weather, with high winds, but little or no frost. The absence of the latter has produced a kind of second spring with some kind of plants, amongst others, the furze upon the fells is in several places covered with yellow bloom."

Newcastle Chronicle 25th December

"The farmers are present mild weather, as the insects and particularly the slugs, are getting numerous and strong. The slugs are attacking and injuring the young shoots of wheat. Frost is anxiously looked for to destroy these active enemies of plants in their young state."

Public Ledger 2nd January

Temperatures at Stratford. east London

December January

1. 41f, 28f 48f, 35f

2. 42f, 32f 43f, 32f

3. 50f, 46f 42f, 34f

4. 54f, 49f 35f, 32f

5. 54f, 34f 37f, 27f

6. 57f, 40f 36f, 30f

7. 45f, 39f 40f, 32f

8. 47f, 34f 34f, 32f

9. 44f, 37f 38f, 33f

10. 50f, 49f 41f, 30f

11. 50f, 47f 38f, 32f

12. 53f, 48f 38f, 31f

13. 54f, 47f 38f, 33f

14. 50f, 38f 40f, 37f

15. 49f, 40f 40f, 34f

16. 52f, 50f 34f, 30f

17. 56f, 50f 35f, 28f

18. 65f? 41f 36f, 18f

19. 51f, 46f 32f, 20f

20. 52f, 49f 31f, 24f

21. 51f, 40f 31f, 22f

22. 55f, 48f 31f, 24f

23. 52f, 43f 24f, 18f

24. 52f, 42f 23f, 18f

25. 45f, 27f 33f, 20f

26. 43f, 31f 45f, 38f

27. 48f, 36f 42f, 33f

28. 45f, 37f 41f, 30f

29. 39f, 33f 40f, 31f

30. 45f, 39f 40f, 35f

31. 48f, 37f 38f, 28f

Weather observations


1st Cloudy

2-5th: Fine

6th Fine, rainy night

7th Fine

8th Rainy

9-12th: Fine

13th Cloudy

14-15th Fine

16th Fine day, rainy night

17th Cloudy, very boisterous night with rain

18th A stormy shower about 11am

19th Fair but bositerous

20th Overcast, windy

21st Fine

22nd-24th Drizzling morning, fine day.

25-27th Fine

28th Overcast, rainy pm

29th Cloudy and fine

30th Fine

31st Drizzly


1st Cloudy and fine

2nd Fine

3rd Fine day, boisterous night

4th Stormy morning, a sharp flash of lightning about 2.30pm, followed by loud thunder and very large hail nearly sufficent to cover the ground.

5th Fine, a little snow pm

6-7th Fine

8th Some snow

9-12th Overcast

13th Gloomy cold

14th Snowy am, fair pm

15-16th Gloomy

17th Fine

18-19th Hoar frost

20th Fine some evening snow

21st Snowy

22nd, Fine piercing cold wind

23rd-24th Snowy

25th Overcast am, clear pm

26th A gradual thaw began am

27th Overcast foggy

28th Cloudy

29th Fine day after a foggy morning

30th-31st Fine

Yarmouth: It blew a heavy gale last night from the east, which, though rather abted, has continued all day, with incessant snow showers.

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