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Double Louvres For Screens?

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It's hardly surprising that few people are willing to fork out nearly £500 for a timber screen, no matter how well-made it is.

Does anyone know of cheaper versions that comply with the standard screen criteria, or alternatively, know of any suppliers of double-louvre panels, or just a simple workaround (I take it two single panels back to back would work, if a little cumbersome?


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  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece
  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece

    Hi .

    I had building a Stevenson screen box,the dimensions it is 30 cm x 30 cm x 47 cm high.For the reason where i do not have double louvers for good protection insulate for the summer time with high temps and very low winds ,i make a patent with a plastic tube ,and the top of this i put over there a fan ,and inside the tube the temp/hum sensor.It is tryed the summer time with a Davis with fan aspirated near to me, and it have the same temps.

    Here i have the project about it.


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