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Strange Problem At Serial-usb Conection

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  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece
  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece

    Hi all.

    This days i saw a very strange problem at connection usb-serial

    adaptor at ws-2350 La-crosse .

    Some weather friends here to Greece they buy a La-crosse ws-

    2350 ,they use the cable connection from out remote sensor to

    console until here all it is ok ,the strange problem it start when

    they conect the usb-serial adaptor to laptop .The wind speed only

    the wind speed,after the conection usb-serial adaptor to

    laptop ,some times the console it say OFL and some update it say

    corect speed .At total 10 refresh ,5 it is OFL and 5 it is ok .I say

    again this problem it is only when they put the usb-serial adaptor

    to laptop console air speed it say half updates OFL ,if they do not

    put the usb-serial adaptor to laptop console air speed it is ok.

    somebody do you know about this strange problem ?Because i am use

    only serial port and i do not know about adaptors

    If they have wirelles conection all it is ok ,but with wired

    conection they have only this problem .

    The same problem they have total 2 persons from Greece with ws-2350

    weather station .

    Thank you

    Merry christmas to everybody

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