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The Snowstorms And Cold Of December 1908


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    High pressure over Scandinavia, low pressure trying to push in from the west. The result was a severe spell of wintry weather with blizzards, drifting snow and intense cold during the last week of 1908


    Here are some reports

    Morriston: Snow 7.25 inches deep (26th-28th)

    Alford: Snowstorm blocked the railway for 3 days (26th-28th)

    Gloucester: Snow fell almost continuously (26th-29th)

    Porth: Snow from 4 to 6 inches deep, with drifts up to 3 to 4ft deep in country

    Whithorn: Almost continuous snow

    Dolaucothy: Snow over 6 inches deep. (27th)

    Torquay: Snow commenced to fall about 3.30pm on 27th and continued at intervals to 2.30pm on the 29th. 6 to 18 inches deep snow depending on elevation.

    Knotty Ash: 6 inches of snow

    Forfar: Great snowstorm, the average depth was 27 inches

    Ystrad Mynarch: 6 inches of snow (29th)

    Kirkby Lonsdale: Severe snowstorm during the night from ESE. There were drifts from 3 to 8ft deep on account of the severe gale and hard frost.

    Bodnant Hall: Blizzard.

    Girvan: On 28th, 4 inches of snow fell and on 29th, 5 inches.

    Camden Square: 3 inches deep snow (29th)

    Abinger Hall: 8 inches of snow (29th)

    Maidstone: 7 inches of snow

    Horsham: 8 inches of snow

    Bournemouth: 6.5 inches of snow

    Southampton: 7 inches of snow

    Poole: 7 inches of snow

    Wincanton: 6 inches of snow

    St Andrews: Roads impassable and trains blocked by snow.

    The 29th was a very cold day.

    Burghill Court: 22F (max)

    Ranmoor: 20F (max)

    Camden Square: 23.7F (max)

    Wallington: 23.8F (max)

    Stratfieldsaye Gardens: 22F (max)

    Stow-on-the-Wold: 21.0F (max)

    Low minima recorded

    Camden Square: 14.4F (30th)

    Tenterden: 14.0F (30th)

    Pitsford: 6.2F (30th)

    Ross-on-Wye: 17.6F (30th)

    Southport: 15.9F (30th)

    Hull: 12.0F (30th)

    Edinburgh: 18.7F (29th)

    Liphook: -1F (30th)

    Raunds: 3F (30th)

    Buxton: 4F (30th)

    Epsom: 4F (30th)

    Bawtry: 5F (30th)

    The weather became milder especially in the north as the Atlantic encroached but high pressure held on further south.

    From the Times of 30th December 1908





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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam
    Unbelievable CET tracker during the last 5 days.

    26 5.3c

    27 5.0c

    28 4.7c

    29 4.4c

    30 4.0c

    31 3.9c

    0.4c drop in one day between 29-30! A record fall for a month for the last few days?

    December 1798

    24 3.2

    25 2.9

    26 2.6

    27 2.2

    28 1.8

    29 1.6

    A drop of 0.4C on two consecutive days

    December 1796

    23 -0.2

    24 -0.5

    25 -0.9

    A drop of 0.7 over two days and that is starting from a very cold base!

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