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From 12.8c To 17.5 Inches Of Snow In 4 Days......


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  • Location: Irlam


7th January 1913 max: 12.8C

11th January 1913 snow depth: 17.5 inches

On the 7th of January 1913, a very mild airstream was flooding the UK with maxima above 10C in many places.


High pressure over southern Europe began to ridge into Scandinavia and a cold SEly flow developed over the UK and with low pressure close by many central and northern areas went very quickly from early spring warmth to raging blizzards and drfiting snow


Here are some reports from this event

Lynturk: Severe gale with 15 to 18 inches of snow (9th-12th)

Rosthwaite: 16 inches of snow (10th-11th)


Burnham Beeches: Heavy snow with strong winds, roads blocked

Sparkhill: snow from 8.30am, 4 inches deep by 7pm

Rugby: 9 inches of snow

Blaby: Very heavy snow with high wind.

Spilsby: snow began at 10am and continued for 12 hours, 6 inches falling

Southwell: Heavy snow for 15 hours to a depth of 6 to 8 inches

Mansfield: 12 inches of snow. Many roads blocked by drifts for some days

Knotty Ash: 2 inches

Broughton-in-furness: 13 inches of snow, many drfits

Morley: Snow for 23 hours

Wetherby: 11 inches of snow

Bolton Hall: 12 inches of snow

Fontburn: 18 inches of snow

Seathwaite: Blizzard, 8ft drifts

Dalry: 15 inches of snow

Cargen: 12 inches of snow

West Linton: 13 inches of snow

Braemar: 17 inches of snow

West Witton: 15 inches of snow (11th-12th)

Marchmont House: 5.5 inches on 11th, 7 inches on 12th

Dunkeld: 28 inches of snow

Blair Atholl: 15.5 inches of snow on the 11th, 9 inches on 12th

Harlow: 6 inches of snow

Blairgowrie: 30 inches of snow (13th), snow on the ground to the end of the month

Kenmore: Severe snow storm began at 9am on 11th and was still falling by 9am on the 13th. At 8pm on the 11th, it was 20 inches deep, on the 12th at 9am it was 26.5 inches and by 9am on the 13th it was 31 inches.

Bridge of Dye

11th: 10 inches

12th: 2 inches

13th: 4 inches

Stronvar: 20 inches of snow (12th)

Lewisham: Glazed frost and streets like glass

From Bonacina

"The easterly gale so disastrous round our coasts, of Saturday, January 11th, which brought such a severe blizzard in the more northern portions of the kingdom with huge drifts, especially in Dumfriesshire, occasion an icy rain in the south of England with the weather of the worst possible description. Walking out on deserted Hampstead Heath that afternoon in a driving fog and a high gale slashing pellets of ice into my face in a heavy gloom unrelieved by the snow which, as I suspected, would be falling a little farther north in the Midlands, it struck me most forcibly as about the most gruesome type of winter day one could well imagine. A rook or two walking about in a sodden field was all the brid life in evidence in such conditions."

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  • Location: Ratby, Leicester.
Blaby: Very heavy snow with high wind.

Wonder if thats the Blaby in Leicestershire, only 2-3 miles from me :wallbash:

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  • Location: Ayton, Berwickshire
Blairgowrie: 30 inches of snow (13th), snow on the ground to the end of the month

Wouldn't mind seeing that! Moved here about 18 mths ago and have seen at most 3" of snow, whereas in rural Aberdeenshire where I came from we were used to digging ourselves out of deep drifted snow on many occasions in most winters.

BTW, the last time our place in New Hampshire had 30" of snow in one storm was on Valentine's day in 2007. That one storm produced more snow than the rest of the winter combined.

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