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Meteor Reports 09 Jan


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  • Location: Whaley Bridge - Peak District
  • Location: Whaley Bridge - Peak District

    Last night I was fortunate enough to have witnessed one of the most colourful Meteorites ive seen in a long time. I was walking across the fields in the Moonlight looking at Venus when a Beautiful Meteor that lasted well over 2 and a half seconds streaked over.

    The display has been reported by a few people around the country and I was wondering wether anyone else also saw this display. Im sure there must have been a few people outside in the clear skies with their telescopes looking at Venus, im even hoping youve caught the meteor on camera as it was quite a colourful display of reds and greens.

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  • Location: ilminster Somerset
  • Location: ilminster Somerset

    your not the only one but the look of things





    Electronic News Bulletin No. 259 2009 January 18


    Here is the latest round-up of news from the Society for Popular

    Astronomy. The SPA is Britain's liveliest astronomical society, with

    members all over the world. We accept subscription payments online

    at our secure site and can take credit and debit cards. You can join

    or renew via a secure server or just see how much we have to offer by

    visiting http://www.popastro.com/


    By Alastair McBeath, SPA Meteor Section Director

    After a fairly quiet December for fireball sightings, other than near

    the Geminid and Ursid maxima, IYA2009 has opened with a clutch of

    non-Quadrantid fireballs for the UK. Most were reported from single

    locations only (see the SPA's "Recent Fireball Sightings" webpage at

    http://snipurl.com/a8ber for details). However, one on January 9-10

    was more widely-seen, from at least seven places in western England

    and south Wales (Lancashire to Gwent). It happened within eight

    minutes of 18:47 UT, and was around magnitude -5 to -8, according to

    the more detailed observations. Its possible atmospheric trajectory

    has not been firmly-established, but a best estimate from the reports

    suggests it may have been moving roughly NE to SW, starting somewhere

    high above northwest or central-western Wales, heading out over

    Cardigan Bay towards St George's Channel. More accurate positional

    data on where the fireball started and ended in the sky from

    different locations would be needed to improve this. Most witnesses

    described the meteor as slow-moving, and it was visible for probably

    3 to 4 seconds or more. Colours reported have included blue, red,

    orange and yellow, plus green perhaps in the object's tail. Some of

    the sighting reports can be found on the Observing Forum, at

    http://snipurl.com/a8mvd, and among the postings on the UK Weather

    World's Space Weather Quadrantids topic, at http://snipurl.com/a8myb .

    Regular ENB readers may recall there was also a bright, UK-seen

    fireball on January 9-10 in 2008, around 18:55-19:00 UT (see ENB 236,

    archived at http://snipurl.com/a8n38 ). This seems to be nothing more

    than a curious coincidence though, and there is no evidence to link

    the two objects beyond their rough timings.

    Anyone else who spotted

    the 2009 January 9 fireball, or any others - meteors of magnitude -3

    or brighter - from the British Isles and nearby is welcome to send a

    full report to the Meteor Section as soon as possible. The minimum

    details I need from you are:

    1) Exactly where you were (name of the

    nearest town or large village and county if in Britain, or your

    geographic latitude and longitude if elsewhere in the world);

    2) The

    date and timing of the event; and

    3) Where the fireball started and

    ended in the sky, as accurately as possible, or where the first and

    last points you could see of the trail were if you didn't see the

    whole flight.

    More advice and a fuller set of items to send are

    outlined on the "Fireball Observing" page of the SPA website, at:


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