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Question About Modification Usb - Cat 5 Ftp For Web Camera

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  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece
  • Location: Peristeri - Athens - Greece

    I would like to make a question if somebody for you have try to replace the usb cable with cat 5 ftp shield f,or to have more distance signal for web camera picture .

    Because i have observe after 9 meters away with usb cable ,camera lost the signal picture with pc ,and after 14 meters away it lost the signal picture with pc ,if i use hub usb with external power .

    I see the usb cable it is shield like cat 5 ftp ,but the inside cables it is smaller and many-ply and not one-ply like cat 5 ftp ,and one-ply cables it is better for long distances.

    I wonder if this way we can to have signal picture web camera-pc for 20 or 30 meters away


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