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Nottingham/watnall 03354 And Vaisala Rs80


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    Who knows when (approximately) the Nottingham/Watnall sounding station started to use the Vaisala sonde RS80 and may be also which sonde they used before? Thank you!

    I need to give this some thought but it was after the introduction of the Vaisala automatic sonde station was introduced if I remember correctly. That meant, within reason, you could have the station where you wanted it. So I would say around the late 90s. They would have used the RS80 from the start. The sonde before that that was the Mark 11 that was designed and built by the Met. Office over a period of about 14 years!!!! Quite accurate, very large, very awkward to use and a nightmare in rough conditions. It was replaced by the RS80 at all sonde stations in the early 90s if memory serves correctly.

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