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Climate Change And The Earth's Magnetic Poles, A Possible Connection


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I thought you might be interested in this paper. www.akk.me.uk Climate Change and the Earth's Magnetic Poles, A Possible Connection Author: Kerton, Adrian K. Source: Energy & Environment, Volume 20, Numbers 1-2, January 2009 , pp. 75-83(9) Publisher: Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd Abstract:

Many natural mechanisms have been proposed for climate change during the past millennia, however, none of these appears to have accounted for the change in global temperature seen over the second half of the last century. As such the rise in temperature has been attributed to man made mechanisms. Analysis of the movement of the Earth's magnetic poles over the last 105 years demonstrates strong correlations between the position of the north magnetic, and geomagnetic poles, and both northern hemisphere and global temperatures. Although these correlations are surprising, a statistical analysis shows there is a less than one percent chance they are random, but it is not clear how movements of the poles affect climate. Links between changes in the Earth's magnetic field and climate change, have been proposed previously although the exact mechanism is disputed. These include: The Earth's magnetic field affects the energy transfer rates from the solar wind to the Earth's atmosphere which in turn affects the North Atlantic Oscillation. Movement of the poles changes the geographic distribution of galactic and solar cosmic rays, moving them to particularly climate sensitive areas. Changes in distribution of ultraviolet rays resulting from the movement of the magnetic field, may result in increases in the death rates of carbon sinking oceanic plant life such as phytoplankton. Keywords: MAGNETIC POLES; DRIFT; CLIMATE; COSMIC RAYS Document Type: Research article DOI: 10.1260/095830509787689286

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    Hi Adrian and welcome.

    Thanks for the magnetic field stuff; I opened a thread on this topic and it's possible connection to climate change some time ago. Have a scan through this, there's quite a lot of evidence the two are some how connected. Perhaps you could pop your link in that thread too?


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