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Is The A Record Temp Difference ? Usa Texas 27 March

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  • Location: Napton on the Hill Warwickshire 500ft

    Amazed at this story, must be a record ? :lol: Amazing



    3:57 pm ET

    Big temperature difference in Texas: A blizzard in the northwestern part of the state and high heat in deep south Texas.

    At the 2 pm CT hour, Amarillo, Texas, recorded a temperature of just 19 degrees. Meanwhile, 658.5 miles away to its south, McAllen, Texas is sweltering in the heat with a recorded temperature of 101 degrees. A temperature difference of 82 degrees.

    After you do the math, you find that with every 8 miles traveled between the two cities there is a 1 degree temperature change. Amazing!


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    Very very interesting Stewfox.

    I was looking at this story earlier on Weather.com.

    I'm amazed at how far south in the season that the blizzard is, with depths of 12 inches expected on a widespread scale.

    This certainly must be a rather out of the ordinary weather event.

    As for the temperature range, it's fantastic. I pity anyone getting an internal flight from one part of Texas, say from the south to somewhere in the Amarillo region.

    They are certainly going to get a taste of a classic switch around in terms of temperature and weather conditions!

    SA. :)

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