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Hurricane Faith 1966

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    didn't that system track close to the North of scotland. it was still a CAT 1 hurricane just close to the uk.



    Hurricane Faith was a long lived Cape Verde-type hurricane during the 1966 Atlantic hurricane season. The August storm formed near Cape Verde and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, reaching Category 3 status as it by passed the northern Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas. Faith survived 18 days as a tropical cyclone and maintained hurricane strength for ten consecutive days. [1] It was the sixth named storm and fifth hurricane of the 1966 season.
    Faith brushed the Leeward Islands as a Category 1 hurricane and paralleled the northern Caribbean islands as a strong Category 2 hurricane. Later, Faith struck Faroe Islands and Norway as a powerful extratropical storm. There were four fatalities as a result of Faith and only minimal damage due to the sparse population.

    After forming on August 21, 1966 as a Cape Verde-type hurricane, Faith moved steadily westward, strengthening as it did so. It curved slowly north as it neared the Leeward Islands and peaked as a Category 3 storm east of the Bahamas as the system headed north-northeast. The hurricane soon dropped back down to a Category 2 storm, and continued on a steady northeast track. [2]

    When the storm passed Newfoundland, not only was it still a tropical system, it was still a Category 2 hurricane. Faith struck the Faroe Islands on September 5 with sustained winds still over 100 mph and only then did the storm cease to be a tropical system. The new extratropical storm went on to strike Norway with winds as high as 60 mph. Faith weakened to an extratropical depression over Scandinavia and was tracked over Russia, later degenerating into an extratropical low and swerving north. [2]

    Traveling from the Leeward Islands to Newfoundland then Scandinavia, the remnant low pressure area tracked as far north as Franz Josef Land, 300 miles from the North Pole

    Four people died as a result of the storm; none of them were on land. One man was pitched overboard when his boat was battered by heavy seas. Two others drowned while trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat. Another man was missing and presumed dead after heavy seas forced him and his shipmates to abandon their boat off the north coast of Denmark. Property damage was minimal, mainly because the areas impacted by Faith were sparsely populated. [10]

    Faith traveled farther and to the most northerly latitude of any Atlantic hurricane. Faith was also one of the longest duration tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean on record, lasting 16 days total and spending 13 as a hurricane.



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    I've looked into this fascinating storm before, and am amazed how far north it is recorded to have retained tropical characteristics. I think there are two possible explanations. One is that Faith's foward motion was so fast that she managed to move that far north before extratropical transition was complete, and the other is perhaps understanding and observation wasn't so good back then and Faith actually turned extratropical sooner than shown. It would be interesting to hear anyones view on this.

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