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Weather Station Data For May

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    data for my site

    long term values in brackets

    Mean temp=13.0C(11.3)

    Avge Max=17.9C(16.2)

    Avge Min=8.1C(6.4)

    Highest on 29th with 25.8C lowest day max on 4th with 12.4C

    Lowest Min on 17th with 3.8C and warmest night= 28th with 13.6C

    rainfall was 57.4mm but add 25% on that as its very sheltered; wettest day 15th with 21.2mm, again add the same.

    days with 0.2mm or more=19

    days with 1mm or more=12

    no fog, frost, thunder

    This year did not quite match the long run of high temperatures of 2008 but 23-31st gave a mean of 15.6C with 7 days of 21C or more.

    Spring temperature summary


    Avge Max=15.5C(12.8

    Avge Min=5.8(4.1)

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  • Location: Teesdale,Co Durham. 360m asl
  • Location: Teesdale,Co Durham. 360m asl

    Mean Temp 8.8C

    Mean max 12.6C

    Mean min 5.0C

    Highest Max 19.9C

    Lowest max 8.3C

    Lowest min 2.3C

    Highest Min 8.8C.

    Another mild month due warm last week, nearest Meto site mean temp 1.0C above average.

    Regards spring mild, no real cold spells, most notable lack of air frosts/snowdays.

    Mean spring temp 6.8C


    Teesdale,Co Durham

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    Castlebay Isle Of Barra May 2009

    Highest Temperature 18.5°C

    Lowest Temperature 3.7°C

    Total Rainfall 112mm

    Highest Humidity 92%

    Lowest Humidity 36%

    Highest Average Wind Speed 24mph

    Average Wind Speed 14mph

    Highest Gust 40mph

    Highest Pressure 1032mb

    Lowest Pressure 984mb

    Lowest Wind Chill -7°C

    Highest Dew Point 4°C

    Lowest Dew Point 12°C

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

    For Westbury, Wiltshire

    The mean temperature of 13.14 was just 0.01c lower than the highest May mean I've recorded which was 13.15c in 2004. Despite there being rain on 16 days the rainfall was only 41.5mm so a below average month again. It was something of a month of two halves with considerably warmer/sunnier conditions from Tuesday 19th.

    Average max = 18.28c (highest = 26.4c on 29th)

    Average min = 8.01c (lowest = 2.4c on 10th)

    Mean = 13.14c

    Dry days = 15

    Rain days = 16

    Rainfall = 41.5mm

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  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet
  • Weather Preferences: Extreme winter cold,heavy bowing snow,freezing fog.Summer 2012
  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet

    May 2009 Report.

    A rather unsettled start with average temperatures. A short fine spell from the 10th through to the 12th produced almost cloudless skies, but with very windy conditions at times, a north easterly gust of 43mph was recorded here on the 12th.

    Unsettled conditions returned by the 13th with overcast, dull and rainy conditions. By the end of the 24-hour at 09:00GMT on the 14th, 21.2mm of rain had been recorded making it the wettest 24 hours of the year so far.

    A further 20.7mm of rain had fallen by 09:00GMT on the 15th. The weather was less unsettled for a time up to the 24th with a few pleasant sunny days noted. More rain fell from the 25th to the 27th.

    Finally the weather settled down on the 28th with the 29th producing the hottest day of the year so far with a maximum of 25.0c. Fine sunny weather continued to the end of the month.

    Summary: A mixed month with unsettled, cool and wet spells mixed with and fine warm to very warm sunny spells. Overall the temperature was above average.

    Daily notes:

    12th: An unusual day with an almost cloudless sky and unbroken sunshine, but very windy with a north easterly gust of 43mph recorded here.

    13th-14th: A very wet 24hours with 21.2mm of rain.

    19th: Moderate intensity thunderstorm during the afternoon, lighting very close to this station.

    Stats for May 2009

    Mean maximum temperature = 17.3c

    Mean minimum temperature = 7.5c

    Mean temperature = 12.4c + 1.0c

    Highest maximum on the 29th = 25.0c

    Lowest Maximum on the 14th = 12.6c

    Highest minimum on the 29th = 11.9c

    Lowest minimum on the 10th = 2.5c

    Minimum Grass Temperature on the 4th = -0.1 c

    Ground Frosts = 1

    Air frost = 0

    Fog Observed = 0

    Days of Rain, with 1mm or more = 9

    Wettest Day 14th = 21.2mm

    Days of snow falling = 0.

    Days of lying snow at 09:00 GMT = 0

    Thunder heard / Thunderstorms = 1 on the 19th

    Rainfall total = 73.4mm

    Rainfall total to date for 2009 = 236.9mm

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  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District 290 mts. Wind speed 340 mts
  • Weather Preferences: Rain/snow, fog, gales and cold in every season
  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District 290 mts. Wind speed 340 mts

    Statistics for May 2009 here;

    Mean max'= 14.1c... ( +0.8c)

    Mean min' = 6.5c...(+0.5c )

    Highest max'= 21.4c on 29th

    Lowest max'= 9.2c on 14th

    Lowest min'= 3.6c on 17th

    Lowest Grass min' = -1.1c on 17th

    Total Rainfall= 101.3mm ( 161% )

    Wettest Day= 16.7mm on 20th

    Rain Days ( 0.2mm or more )= 21

    Total Sunshine= 156.2hrs ( 89% )

    Sunniest Day= 15.2hrs on 30th

    All averages relate to 1971-2000 period

    May was the first wetter than average month since September 2008.

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  • Location: Cheddington, Buckinghamshire
  • Weather Preferences: Winter: Cold & Snowy, Summer: Just not hot
  • Location: Cheddington, Buckinghamshire

    Average temp...11.9c

    Max temp...24.6c

    Min temp...2.8c


    Max pressure...1031.0mb

    Min pressure...997.2mb

    Max DP...14.8c

    Min DP...? (For some reason my weather station has -73.3c as my min...)

    Max humidity...94%

    Min humidity...33%

    More data can be found here:


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  • Location: Rugby, Warks
  • Weather Preferences: Dangerous
  • Location: Rugby, Warks

    May Summary:

    Mean Max: 17.7C

    Mean Min: 7.6C

    Mean Temp: 12.5C

    Month High: 25.1C (29th)

    Month Low: 2.8C (4th)

    Rainfall: 32.4mm

    Wettest Day: 17.4mm (15th)

    Mean Wind Speed: 6.3 mph

    Max Wind Gust: 37 mph (19th)

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  • Location: Manchester City center/ Leeds Bradfor Airport 200m
  • Location: Manchester City center/ Leeds Bradfor Airport 200m

    Leeds center:

    Average temp: 12.cpost-8968-1243983753_thumb.png

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  • Location: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
  • Location: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

    Monthly Weather Data Report for Garioch Weather Station, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire – May 2009

    A month of contrasts; warmer, wetter and sunnier than average, finishing on a settled high.

    Mean Temperature 10.6°C, 1.6°C higher than the Long Term Average (LTA) of 9.0°C.

    Minimum Temperature 0.8°C, on the 11th.

    Mean Minimum Temperature 5.7°C, 0.1°C higher than the 5.6°C LTA.

    Maximum Temperature 23.1°C, on the 28th.

    Mean Maximum Temperature 15.5°C, 2.7°C higher than the 12.8°C LTA.

    Maximum Daily High Wind Speed 32.0mph, on the 15th.

    Total Rainfall 87.5mm, 27.8mm higher than the 59.7mm LTA (146.6%).

    Average Bright Sunshine Hours 7.9hrs per day, 2.3hrs higher than the 5.6hrs LTA (140.5%).

    For more detail, click here.

    For 5 year comparisons, click here. [to follow]

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  • Location: Cambridgeshire Fens. 3m ASL
  • Location: Cambridgeshire Fens. 3m ASL

    NE Cambridgeshire Summary for May 2009

    Temperature (°C):

    Mean (1 minute) 16.2

    Mean (min+max) 15.3

    Mean Minimum 11.1

    Mean Maximum 19.5

    Minimum 7.7 day 03

    Maximum 25.1 day 29

    Highest Minimum 19.9 day 29

    Lowest Maximum 14.4 day 04

    Air frosts 0

    Rainfall (mm):

    Total for month 35.0

    Wettest day 11.0 day 14

    Rain days 8

    Wind (mph):

    Highest Gust 23.7 day 12

    Average Speed 5.2

    Wind Run 2300.5 miles

    Gale days 0

    Pressure (mb):

    Maximum 1034.0 day 28

    Minimum 1000.0 day 15

    Days with snow falling 0

    Days with snow lying at 0900 0

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  • Location: Hampton and Fairfield, Evesham , Worcestershire.
  • Weather Preferences: Love Weather, Hate the Spin and Lies to do with our Planets Climate.
  • Location: Hampton and Fairfield, Evesham , Worcestershire.

    May was rather "lack luster" as regards weather, nothing outstanding to report, most of the rainfall at [VOEWS] fell mid month , with low pressure sending its front north and two claps of thunder heared!

    Average rainfall...61ms

    Recorded rainfall...56.7mms

    Highest wind gust...31mph south...May 18th

    Max temp...24.8c...May 31st

    CLOUD OF THE MONTH.....post-6830-1244314769_thumb.jpg Mammatus over the Cotswolds on the 8th of May. :lol:

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  • Location: Lancaster and East Devon
  • Location: Lancaster and East Devon

    May 2009 Weather Stats for the small village of Harpford in East Devon.

    Highest Max: 24.7°C, 76.4°F (31st May)

    Lowest Max: 12.9°C, 55.2°F (4th May) and 12.9°C, 55.3°F ( 13th, 15th May)

    Highest Min: 12.1°C, 53.8°F (28th May)

    Lowest Min: 1.3°C, 34.4°F (10th May)

    Highest daily mean: 17.7°C, 63.9°F (31st May)

    Lowest daily mean: 8.7°C, 47.6°F (4th May)

    Monthly mean: 12.2°C, 53.9°F

    Mean max: 17.1°C, 57.5°F

    Mean min: 7.1°C, 39.9°F

    Avg wind speed: 4.6mph

    Max wind gust: 34mph (17th May)

    Rainfall: 36.4mm (about 15mm below average)

    Max daily rain: 11.6mm (27th May)

    (more or equal to)

    Days of rain >= 0.2mm: 12 (some of these days may have been 0.2mm of dew)

    Days of rain >= 2mm: 5

    Days of rain >= 20mm: 0

    (midnight to midnight) Minimums below 5°C: 8

    Maximums above 20°C: 6

    Maximums above 25°C: 0

    Temp + rainfall, May 2009


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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

    Weather report for May 2009 at Lampeter, Ceredigion

    Summary: Rather mild, rather wet.

    Although overall May 2009 had above average rainfall, some 86mm of the total fell in only one week, the 14th-20th. Likewise, regarding temperatures, although a fairly mild month overall, proper warmth (>21c), was delayed until the final 3 days of the month.

    1st -9th: Sunny spells but also some rain/ showers at times (small amounts). Temperatures early in the month varied between rather cool and rather warm, with a couple of ground frosts.

    10-12th: Sunny and rather warm, but windy at times.

    13th-22nd: Very unsettled and windy at times. There was plenty of heavy rain/ showers, and it was often cloudy and cool.

    23rd-25th: Mainly dry with sunny spells, rather warm.

    26th: Dry and cloudy.

    27th: wet and windy.

    28th-31st: It became very warm and sunny- at last! The final 3 days all reached 24c!

    The whole month was notable for a lack of cold, there being no air frosts, and the lowest maxima was a mere 11.6c.


    Total rainfall: . 118mm

    Wettest day: 19.7mm 15th

    Rain days >0.2mm: 21

    Wet days >1.0mm: 14

    Days of heavy rain >10mm: 5

    Mean temperature: 11.6c

    Mean Max: 16.3c

    Mean Min: 6.8c

    High max: 24.5c 29th

    Low Max: 11.6c 3rd

    High min: 12.0c 28/ 29th

    Low min: 1.5c 4th

    Air frost: 0

    Ground frost: 3 probably

    Mean RH: 80%

    High RH: 96% various dates

    Low RH: 41% 12th

    Predominant wind direction: SSE

    Mean wind speed: 1.6mph

    Mean pressure: 1017mbar

    Max pressure: 1031mbar 29th

    Min pressure: 994mbar 16th

    Days with:

    Hail: 2

    Sleet or snow: 0

    Snow lying 0900: 0

    Gale: 0

    Thunder: 0

    Fog: 1

    Fog at 0900: 0


    Chart notes

    Maxima of stats (above) subjected to slight adjustments from raw WS data of generally -0.5c.

    Pressure is -17mbar actual (have n't worked out how to get it to show right yet!)

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

    Hull, East Yorkshire.

    May 2009

    Warmest Max: 21.1°C (on 28/05/09) - Coolest Since 1994

    Coldest Max: 11.6°C (on 11/05/09)

    Warmest Min: 13.2°C (on 28/05/09)

    Coldest Min: 6.4°C (on 11/05/09) - Warmest Since 1999

    Average Max: 15.9°C (+0.5°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Min: 9.5°C (+2.2°C Above 1971-2000 Average) - Warmest on record

    Overall Average: 12.7°C (+1.3°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 55.7mm (128% Of Normal)

    Wettest Day: 15th (12.4mm)

    Air Frosts: 0

    Days with Snow: 0

    Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

    Dry Days: 11

    Wet Days: 20

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 14

    Thunderstorms: 0

    Year 2009 So Far (Jan - May)

    Warmest Max: 21.1°C (on 28/05/09)

    Coldest Max: 1.6°C (on 06/01/09)

    Warmest Min: 13.2°C (on 28/05/09)

    Coldest Min: -2.8°C (on 10/01/09)

    Average Max: 10.5°C (+0.2°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Min: 5.1°C (+1.5°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Overall Average: 7.8°C (+0.8°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 205.3mm (93% Of Normal)

    Wettest Day: 12/02/09 (16.0mm)

    Air Frosts: 14

    Days with Snow: 9

    Snow lying at 0900: 3 days

    Dry Days: 67

    Wet Days: 84

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 50

    Thunderstorms: 0

    The warmest May since 1999 and the second warmest on record. Like March and April, it was well above average mainly due to the warm nights. Cold nights were completely absent. Daytime temperatures were unremarkable however. It took until the 28th to surpass 20°C - the latest date in the year to do so since 1988.

    The month started very mild but with frequent rainfall. It was also rather windy aswell, topping 20mph on all but one of the first 20 days. It then turned much cooler in the second week, with 6 days failing to record a maximum temperature of 15°C. It was also much wetter, with every day from the 13th-21st recieving more than 3mm of rain. The wettest was the 15th, with 12.4mm in the 24 hour period. It then turned very pleasant from the 23rd. Aside from three further days with small amounts of rainfall, it was mostly dry, sunny and warm, unusual as the wind was north-easterly.

    Overall, a very warm but pretty forgettable May. It meant that spring as a whole averaged 10.2°C - some 1.6°C above average, making it the second warmest on record just behind 2007. It also had all three months more than 1°C above the mean - the only other time this has happened is 2003.

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine, convective precipitation, snow, thunderstorms, "episodic" months.
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

    A bit late, but the data is in for Cleadon, Tyne & Wear, for May. All averages are estimated for 1971-2000.

    Mean Max 15.8C (+1.9)

    Mean Min 8.1C (+1.5)

    Mean Temp 11.9C (+1.7)

    Warmest Day : 21.4C (24th)

    Coldest Day: 12.1C (15th)

    Warmest Night: 12.1C (28th)

    Coldest Night: 3.0C (11th)

    Precipitation: 36mm (68%)

    Wettest day: 7mm (15th)

    There were no days with thunder, sleet/snow or fog, but hail was observed on 2 days- the 21st and 26th.

    Like at Reef's location this was a surprisingly warm May- about the same as last year, but with a higher average maximum and lower average minimum. Indeed, the average maximum was beaten only in 2001 and 2004 in a record going back to 1993. The warmth was due to the last third of the month, with persistently near-average temperatures during the first two-thirds but a notable absence of very cold days or nights.

    The first half was quite dry but often cloudy, the third week was unsettled and generally showery, but predominantly warm, sunny weather during the last third of the month led to sunshine across the region being rather above average.

    Spring 2009 as a whole was the equal second warmest on record (alongside 2003 but behind 2007), and it was the second driest on record after 2007 with only 76mm, barely half the long-term average.

    In the meantime, the average maximum for 1-15 June 2009 has come in at 15.7C.

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