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  • Location: Bellmore,ny
  • Location: Bellmore,ny

    I hope im putting this in the correct topic.I just signed up for this forum and thought you might like this webpage I put togther.It has pages from past stoms with scans of newpaper articles & photos from my collection of old newspapers.Other info are on the pages also including weather maps,and news clips.The home page consist of pictures and videos I took during storms here on Long Isand.

    The storm pages that are included on the site are the hurricanes of 1766,1821,1938,Hurricanes Carol,Hazel,Donna,Camille Belle,Elena,Gloria,Hugo,Bob,Andrew,Opal,The Northeast Blizzard of 78,1979 Presidents day storm,1983 Blizzard,The Perfect Storm,and The Dec. 1992 Nor'easter,and a page on Long Island Tropical history

    Here is link to the home page,hope you enjoy.Let me know what you think of it.


    Looking foward to posting and reading post on this forum..

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