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July 1934

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    July 1934 was an interesting month with a heatwave and plenty of sunshine during the first third, a thundery spell during the middle third and a windy spell during the last third.

    High pressure dominated the early stages of the month, CET up to the 13th was 19.2


    Kew data (first value:maximum; 2nd value:sunshine hours)

    1st: 78f, 13.7hrs

    2nd: 78f, 11.0hrs

    3rd: 77f, 8.9hrs

    4th: 80f, 12.1hrs

    5th: 77f, 14.8hrs

    6th: 79f, 13.9hrs

    7th: 82f, 14.1hrs

    8th: 83f, 15.2hrs

    9th: 80f, 12.3hrs

    10th: 81f, 14.9hrs

    11th: 83f, 14.0hrs

    A total of 144.9hrs of sunshine in the first 11 days. (281.3hrs in total)

    It was hotter in other places


    Cheltenham: 88f


    Rhyl: 88f


    Collumpton: 90f

    Bath, Chester and Southport: 88f


    Sealand: 89f

    Pressure from the 11th onwards and there were notable thunderstorms on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st and 22nd


    Thunderstorm reports


    Bettws-y-Coed, 3.18 inches in under 2 hours.

    Trowbridge: 1.88 inches

    Frinton (Suffolk): 2.7 inches


    Gorleston: 3.32 inches


    Fleetwood: 2.2 inches


    Lutterworth, Leicester: 1.05 inches in 30 minutes, 0.7 inch hailstones

    Castleton: 2.15 inches in one hour

    Kew: 1.07 inches in 16 minutes.


    West Wickham (Kent): 4.55 inches in 1hrs and 40 minutes

    61mph gusts were recorded on the 28th at Liverpool in a WNW flow


    The CET for the month was 18.2, the warmest July since 1921

    From the Times of July 1934



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  • Location: Basingstoke

    Looks like Northern and western areas favoured for heat in the 1st part of the month?  Might well have been a very easterly period

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  • Location: Windermere 120m asl
  • Location: Windermere 120m asl

    Great article. Suspect the synoptics was a scandi high and light east drift. Hence the very warm temps I'm the west as opposed to the East. Nice to see Ambleside and Grange-over-Sands on the healty resort list.


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  • Location: Whitefield, Manchester @ 100m
  • Location: Whitefield, Manchester @ 100m

    It was a 1025 high over the UK with an easterly component in the south. 850s were 16 in the south west, 10 into Scotland.


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  • Location: Broxbourne, Herts

    Imagine high pressure like that staying on the scene all year.....it could provide us with a rerun of 1962-63   (Weather's  equivalent of "it's coming home!")

    Alternatively it could slip south  provide us with one of the warmest Decembers ever, such as happened later in the same year when December 1934 came up with a mean CET of 0.4C above anything else that had been previously recorded for a December, and a record that was not beaten until 2015.



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