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  • Location: Bexley (home), C London (work)


    Love the new forum layout, it is superb!!

    Had a thought a few days ago regarding storm reporting...on days like today when there are lots of storms around, would it be possible to make some sort of 'thunder map' whereby people can plot where they have witnessed lightning, thunder and funnel clouds/tornadoes?

    Only had the thought because on days like today, many of us rush onto the convective storms discussion thread, and blitz it with our observations, asking what is heading where etc.

    If there was some sort of map, where members could plot symbols as to where they are witnessing things, it may help people in knowing what is going on and where.

    So for example, if I was watching a storm at home, I put a lightning symbol over my area, which when higlighted would state who posted it and at what time.

    Just an idea, something which would be unique to this forum and could be a lot of fun too.



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    Hi Harry,

    I think thats a great idea and as Paul says he has it in the pipeline.

    It will be particularly helpful for me trying to fine tune the positioning of lightning strikes on my detector map, its quite tricky looking at the radar and other lightning detectors for guidance but it would be much easier with first hand sightings being placed on a map in real time. :lol:


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