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August 1917: Washout With A Sting In Its Tail

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    The August of 1917 was a washout, it is the 3rd wettest August on record for England and Wales with 172.0mm. (6.77 inches)

    For Wales, it was 128% in excess of the average, England it was 94%, Ireland it was 81% and for Scotland it was 23%.

    Some rainfall totals

    Camden Square: 3.99" (167%), 23 days of rain

    Tenterden: 6.4" (265%) 22 days of rain

    Bury St Edmunds: 5.02" (199%) 23 days of rain

    Stroud: 5.99" (207%) 24 days of rain

    Boston: 4.47" (187%) 21 days of rain

    Newcastle: 7.58" (237%) 29 days of rain

    Cardiff: 7.9" (174%) 28 days of rain

    Dundee: 5.56" (167%) 29 days of rain

    Dublin: 7.58" (246%) 24 days of rain

    The month went out with a bang when an unusually deep low crossed the UK


    A pressure reading of 966mb was recorded by Charles Lewis Brook at 7.20am (GMT) on the 28th August at Harewood Lodge in Yorkshire.

    The storm produced heavy rains, thunderstorms and severe gales in places.

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