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July Weather Records

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

    Well, the most notable feature was, of course, the rainfall. July ended up being the 9th wettest month since I started recording in 1997 with 213.4mm falling and only six days when it didn't rain. I also had the 2nd warmest night I've recorded; a minimum of 17.7C on the 2nd, beaten only by July 2nd (!) 2001, the second lowest July minimum; 4.2C beaten only by 2.5C on July 15th 2001, and the highest temperature for three years; 28.6C, which is the highest since it reached 29.3C on July 25th 2006.

    The statistics are:

    Average daily maximum, 19.1C

    Highest daily maximum, 28.6C (2nd)

    Lowest daily maximum, 13.2C (17th)

    Average daily minimum, 10.8C

    Highest daily minimum, 17.7C (2nd)

    Lowest daily minimum, 4.2C (11th)

    Mean daily temperature, 15.0C (eleven year mean, 15.2C)

    Total rainfall, 213.4mm

    Number of wet days (0.2mm or above), twenty-five

    Wettest day, 57mm (25th)

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    July data for Cantley

    figures in brackets=long term averages

    Mean temperature=17.0C (16.2)

    Avge max=21.7V (21.0)

    Avge min=12.2C (11.5)

    So after 2 hot days a pretty average month temperature wise

    Rainfall total = 77.6mm with 20.4mm on 17th, so much wetter than normal and most parts of this area will have had 25% more than I’ve recorded.

    22 days with 0.2mm or more and 18 with 1.0mm or more.

    Absolute max=31.3C on 1st with lowest daytime max of 16.8C on 29th

    Lowest min=8.1C on 31st and warmest night was 15.1C on 5th

    No fog or thunder reported

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  • Location: Ireland, probably South Tipperary
  • Weather Preferences: Cold, Snow, Windstorms and Thunderstorms
  • Location: Ireland, probably South Tipperary

    July weather for Ballyporeen, Co. Tipperary.

    Average max 17.8C (June was 19.7C!)

    Average min 11.3C

    Mean Temperature 14.6C

    Lowest max 15.1C (31st)

    Lowest min 8.4C (6th, 10th, 29th)

    Highest max 20.4C (3rd & 20th)

    Highest min 16C (2nd)

    Rainfall 186.7mm with 28 wet days (0.5mm or over) and just 3 dry days.

    Highest daily total was 22.3mm on 11th with 7 days over 10mm.

    Average wind speed was 8.3km/h Westerly but this is a fairly sheltered area.

    There was only 3 days with temperatures over 20C, 10 days below 17C and 3 below 16C

    This is my first year of recording so I don't have any of my own long term averages but judging by local stations the average maximum should have been around 19.5C making this months maxima around 1.8C below average.

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

    There were 5 dry days in the opening 7 and then only 2 (yes that's TWO) more in the next 24 days!! After the first 2 days reached 31.7c & 29.3c the temperature never got above 24c again!

    Average max = 20.20c (highest = 31.7c on 1 July)

    Average min = 12.57c (lowest = 8.8c on 10 July)

    Mean = 16.38 (lower than June's mean which is very rare!)

    Dry days = 7

    Rain days = 24

    Rainfall = 130mm

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  • Location: Near Heathrow, London
  • Weather Preferences: Mediterranean climates (Valencia is perfect)
  • Location: Near Heathrow, London

    average max 22.2C (-0.6C)

    average min 13.9C (+0.1C)

    max temp 31.6C

    lowest day temp 18.0C

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  • Location: Buxton, Derbyshire
  • Location: Buxton, Derbyshire

    Lincoln (UK) July 2009 Latitude 53° 13'49.80N


    Valid 1st- 31st July, 2009

    Highest Temperature: 27.8°C/82°F (1st)

    Lowest Temperature: 9.9°C/49.8°F (10th)

    Mean Maximum: 21.1c/70f

    Mean Minimum: 12.5c/54.5f

    Mean Temperature: 16.8c/62.2f


    Lowest Maximum: 17.2c/63f (29th)

    Highest Minimum: 15.3c/59.5f (1st)


    Precipitation: 93.6mm/3.69"

    Days with rain >1mm: 12

    Days with rain: 22

    Most in one day: 29mm/1.14" (29th)


    Sunshine hours: 184.1 (Below average, again)

    Most in one day: 14.7 (2nd)

    Sunless days: 0


    Average Pressure: 1011mb

    Highest: 1024mb (1st)

    Lowest: 999mb (22nd)


    Days with Sleet/Snow: 0

    Days with Hail/Ice Pellets: 1 (24th)

    Days with Thunder heard/reported: 7 (6th, 9th, 14th, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th); 9 at nearby Waddington RAF base

    Days with Fog: 0

    It gets to July, then it doesn't stop raining. Wettest month of the year by far.

    Funny how in recent years from May - September sunshine hours go below the average each month and then back to normal by October.

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  • Location: Rugby, Warks
  • Weather Preferences: Dangerous
  • Location: Rugby, Warks

    My July records

    Highest Temperature: 29.3C (1st)

    Lowest Temperature: 6.9C (10th)

    Mean Maximum: 21.3C

    Mean Minimum: 11.6C

    Mean Temperature: 16.2C

    Lowest Maximum: 16.2C (29th)

    Highest Minimum: 17.6C (1st)

    Total precipitation: 90.9mm

    Number of days wth precipitation: 22

    Highest total in one day: 21.4mm (29th)

    Average wind speed: 4.8mph

    Highest gust: 35mph (7th)

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  • Location: Hampton and Fairfield, Evesham , Worcestershire.
  • Weather Preferences: Love Weather, Hate the Spin and Lies to do with our Planets Climate.
  • Location: Hampton and Fairfield, Evesham , Worcestershire.

    Another very wet July here at the [VOEWS] at Evesham.

    A promising start with 31.7c recorded here on the 1st, but the rest is history, as rainfall fell on a good many days throughout the month!

    Average rainfall 52mms...recorded 129.1mms

    Lowest temperature 6.5c on the 10th

    Highest wind speed 26mph south on the 22nd

    Average day temp.21.7c...recorded 21.4c

    Average night temp 12.4c ...recorded 12.1c

    Cloud of the month....Lenticular..[AltoCumulus] nr Evesham.


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  • Location: Teesdale,Co Durham. 360m asl
  • Location: Teesdale,Co Durham. 360m asl

    Very wet month, temp probably just below average.

    Mean temp 12.7C

    Mean max 16.0C

    Min min 9.3C

    Max temp 25.2C (1st)

    Min max 11.4c (17th)

    Max min 12.6C

    Nearest Meto rainfall site 8 miles East, recorded 267mm.


    Teesdale,Co Durham

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                              DEP.  HEAT  COOL                                          

    09 7 20.1 12.3 15.8 0.0 94 15 29.8 1 8.1 10 0 0 0 0

    93mm of rain.

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    Guest Shetland Coastie



    Highest Max: 20.6C

    Lowest Min: 6.9C

    Ave Temp: 13.6C

    Total rainfall: 42.7mm

    Total for year: 387.8mm

    Most daily rainfall: 15.4mm on 18th

    Max windspeed: 28.8mph

    Max gust speed: 31.1mph

    Highest pressure: 1022.6hpa

    Lowest pressure: 990.1hpa

    Ave pressure: 1007.4hpa

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  • Location: Evesham, Worcs, Albion
  • Location: Evesham, Worcs, Albion

    July 2009 Summary for Evesham

    (Temp/rainfall data measured 18z to 18z)

    Max: 31.7 (1st)

    Lowest Max: 17.0c (29th)

    Ave Max: 21.75c

    Min: 7.5c (9th & 10th)

    Highest Min: 19.0c (1st)

    Ave Min: 12.6c

    Mean Temp: 17.18c

    Total Rainfall: 131.7mm

    Highest daily total: 31.4mm (29th)

    Days >= 1mm: 17

    Highest Pressure: 1022mb (31st)

    Lowest Pressure: 999 (22nd)

    Days of Air Frost: 0

    Days of Snow: 0

    Days of >=50% snow cover @ 09z: 0

    Days of Snow Pellets: 0

    Days of Hail: 0

    Days of Thunderstorms: 0

    Other days thunder heard: 1 (24th)


    Although a very wet month with measured rainfall occurring on 22 days, total rainfall was less than occurred in 24 hours on 20th July 2007.

    Maximum daytime temperature on the 29th was 15.8c

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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

    Weather summary and stats for July 2009, Lampeter, Ceredigion

    Summary: Very wet, quite dull, near average temperatures

    This July was a month that held promise of being a warm, perhaps even dry Summer month, a hope that was well and truly dashed!

    The hot weather of late June held on for the first two days, it reached 28c on the opening day, which is the best of the Summer so far. The 2nd saw the change from warmth to the very unsettled and very wet conditions that would last the entire month!

    From the 3rd onwards a succession of lows crossed the British Isles (often over England and Wales), bringing spells of rain and showers, these very heavy at times. It was rarely dry for very long- indeed the 9th was the only day without any rain falling. The 16th was the wettest day locally for over 3 ½ years with 55.5mm.

    Temperatures were unremarkable, with maxima from the 3rd onwards mostly in the 17-22c range, i.e. close to the seasonal average. Only one day- the 17th- was notably cool, this reaching only 14c.

    Only a few days this July experienced prolonged sunshine, rather they were rather cloudy with sunny spells at best. Winds were often moderate to fresh, but never really strong. They predominated from southerly and westerly quarters, with an absence of easterlies. Relative humidity averaged 84% which was the highest monthly mean since March (85%).

    From a storm perspective, July failed to deliver- with no days during which thunder was heard, this comparing very unfavourably with the Midlands, from where relatives seemed to provide frequent reports of thunder and lightning!


    Total rainfall: 213mm

    Wettest day: 55.5mm 16th

    Rain days >0.2mm: 28

    Wet days >1.0mm: 23

    Days of heavy rain >10mm: 5

    Mean temperature: 15.5c

    Mean Max: 19.6c

    Mean Min: 11.4c

    High max: 27.9c 1st

    Low Max: 14.3c 17th

    High min: 16.2c 2nd

    Low min: 7.2c 25th

    Air frost: 0

    Ground frost: 0

    Mean RH: 84%

    High RH: 96% various dates

    Low RH: 52% 2nd

    Predominant wind direction: SSE

    Mean wind speed: 1.7mph

    Mean pressure: 1010mbar

    Max pressure: 1022mbar 30th

    Min pressure: 995mbar 22nd

    Days with:

    Hail: 0

    Sleet or snow: 0

    Snow lying 0900: 0

    Gale: 0

    Thunder: 0

    Fog: 0

    Fog at 0900: 0

    post-2595-12493074963319_thumb.jpg post-2595-12493075394421_thumb.jpg

    Graph notes:

    Maxima subject to downward adjustment of up to 1c on days with afternoon sunshine (around half the days only).

    Pressure: add 18mbar for the relative pressure.

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  • Location: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
  • Location: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

    July Weather Summary for Garioch Weather Station, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

    Heavy showers never far away, high rainfall but mostly bright otherwise and a little warmer than average, overall.

    Mean Temperature: 15.2°C, 1.5°C higher than the 13.7°C Long Term Average (LTA)

    Minimum Temperature: 7.9°C, on the 21st.

    Mean Minimum Temperature: 8.5°C, 2.1°C lower than the 10.6°C LTA.

    Maximum Temperature: 28.7°C, on the 1st.

    Mean Maximum Temperature: 19.6°C, 1.8°C higher than the 17.8°C LTA.

    Maximum Daily High Wind Speed: 28.0mph , on the 9th.

    Total Rainfall: 98.8mm, 38.2mm higher than the 60.6mm LTA (163.0%)

    Average Bright Sunshine Hours: 5.7hrs per day, 0.5hrs higher than the 5.2hrs per day LTA (110.2%).

    For more detail, click here.

    For 5 year comparison, click here.

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  • Location: Southsea, Portsmouth on the Costa Del Solent
  • Location: Southsea, Portsmouth on the Costa Del Solent

    I only record the general conditions & temperatures here in Southsea, so these are the temperature stats for July:

    Highest recorded temp.: 30C (2nd)

    Lowest recorded temp.: 13C (9th & 29th)

    Highest minimum temp.: 18C (2nd)

    Lowest maximum temp.: 18C (11th)

    Average maximum temp.: 22.5C

    Average minimum temp. : 15.1C

    Days with rainfall: 14

    Days with thunder recorded: 3

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

    Hedon, East Yorkshire.

    July 2009

    Warmest Max: 24.5°C (on 05/07/09)

    Coldest Max: 17.0°C (on 30/07/09)

    Warmest Min: 16.3°C (on 05/07/09)

    Coldest Min: 9.9°C (on 11/07/09)

    Average Max: 21.3°C (+0.3°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Min: 13.2°C (+0.9°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Overall Average: 17.3°C (+0.6°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 132.2mm (344% Of Normal)

    Wettest Day: 29th (19.0mm)

    Air Frosts: 0

    Days with Snow: 0

    Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

    Dry Days: 7

    Wet Days: 24

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 21

    Thunderstorms: 9

    Year 2009 So Far (Jan - Jul)

    Warmest Max: 24.5°C (on 05/07/09)

    Coldest Max: 1.6°C (on 06/01/09)

    Warmest Min: 16.3°C (on 05/07/09)

    Coldest Min: -2.8°C (on 10/01/09)

    Average Max: 13.2°C (+0.2°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Min: 7.2°C (+1.5°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Overall Average: 10.2°C (+0.8°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 350.2mm (113% Of Normal)

    Wettest Day: 29/07/09 (19.0mm)

    Air Frosts: 14

    Days with Snow: 9

    Snow lying at 0900: 3 days

    Dry Days: 95

    Wet Days: 117

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 74

    Thunderstorms: 9

    The wettest July on record and the 5th with rainfall above 150% in the last 6 years. 1.0mm of rain or more fell on 21 days - the highest total of any month since my records began. Just 7 days had no rainfall at all. Unsuprisingly in such a wet month, daytime temperatures were close to average but minimum temperatures were warm - a result of cloudcover. It was also rather windy, just two days had a mean wind strength of less than 10mph.

    The month started on the warm and settled note where June left off. The first 5 days had a mean of 19.3°C, nights were warm and days pleasant, reaching 24.5°C on the 4th, the warmest day of the month and summer so far. The 7th then saw the change to wetter weather, bringing the first thunderstorms of the year. The first shower was exceptionally heavy and dropped over half an inch of rain in 30 minutes.

    The rest of the month was then unremittingly wet, with a combination of bright showery days and dull, overcast ones. On the plus side, the month had 6 days where thunder was heard and 9 storms passing over in total. However, after the 11th, just 2 days were dry. Temperatures were rather average though, with few extremes either by day or night.

    Overall, another disappointing month. It was slightly warmer than 2007 and 2008, but much wetter.

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    Castlebay Isle Of Barra July 2009

    Highest Temperature 25°C

    Lowest Temperature 12°C

    Total Rainfall 25mm

    Highest Humidity 90%

    Lowest Humidity 50%

    Highest Average Wind Speed 20mph

    Average Wind Speed 12mph

    Highest Gust 35mph

    Highest Pressure 1021mb

    Lowest Pressure 991mb

    Lowest Wind Chill 7°C

    Highest Dew Point 21°C

    Lowest Dew Point 5°C

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  • Location: East Devon
  • Location: East Devon

    A bit late posting these here.

    July 2009 Weather Stats for the small village of Harpford, East Devon.

    Highest Max: 25.0°C, 77.0°F (1st July)

    Lowest Max: 16.3°C, 61.4°F (29th July)

    Highest Min: 15.8°C, 60.4°F (2nd July)

    Lowest Min: 6.6°C, 43.8°F (20th July)

    Highest daily mean: 19.2°C, 66.6°F (1st July)

    Lowest daily mean: 13.6°C, 56.4°F (20th July)

    Monthly mean: 15.7°C, 60.2°F (about 1°C below average)

    Mean max: 19.7°C, 67.4°F

    Mean min: 11.5C, 52.7°F

    Avg wind speed: 4.6mph

    Max wind gust: 33mph (15th July)

    Rainfall: 175.0mm (about 135mm above average, or over 4 times above average!)

    Max daily rain: 27.0mm (21st July)

    (Days of rain over or equal to)

    Days of rain >= 0.2mm: 24

    Days of rain >= 2mm: 18

    Days of rain >= 20mm: 1

    Temp + rainfall graph for the month.


    Forgot to mention - A few problems with the temp/hum sensor towards the end of the month as can be seen in the graph. Turned out the sensor was faulty and oddly loss of readings was associated with rain and damp weather (especially drizzle). This got worse on a mild wet humid day on the 4th August and lasted until the 6th when I Replaced the sensor which fixed the problem!

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine, convective precipitation, snow, thunderstorms, "episodic" months.
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

    Finally my records are in for Cleadon. Averages are estimated for 1971-2000. At some point in the next few weeks, probably not this week but the week after, I will be updating my website with the estimated long-term averages for 1971-2000 and a different format for presenting the data.

    Mean Max 19.8C (+0.7)

    Mean Min 12.7C (+1.0)

    Highest max: 23.0C (1st)

    Lowest min: 9.1C (31st)

    Precipitation : 127mm (265%)

    Wettest day: 44.0mm (17th)

    Days of thunder: 7

    Days of hail: 1

    Days of fog, sleet/snow, gale: 0

    This was a phenomenally wet month, but with an unusually high proportion of the rain coming from convective precipitation (heavy showers & thunderstorms) and so sunshine was, at worst, only a little below normal. It was also phenomenally thundery- with 7 thunder-days, the most thundery since I started recording in 1993, and Newcastle Weather Centre's records suggest that it was the most thundery month in the region since June 1980. The exceptional rainfall made this the wettest calendar month since August 2004, and the wettest July since before 1993.

    The first week produced four of the thunder-days, and was dominated by sunshine and showers. After that, the Atlantic took charge and the weather featured frequent heavy showers, sometimes with a fair amount of sun in between, while at other times it was mainly cloudy. It was very dull and wet around the 17th, which was the wettest day of the month with some 44mm of rain and a maximum of only 14.2C.

    After a warm first week temperatures were consistently near-normal by both day and night, and consequently the mean temperature was slightly above normal making it the warmest July since the exceptional 2006.

    Up to the end of July, 2009 had repeated 2007's feat of having no maximum of 24C or above, but my records up to 15 August indicate that 5 August (24.5C max) breached that threshold.

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