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Night And Long Exposure Photography

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  • Location: marlow bucks
  • Location: marlow bucks

As I didn't see one I thought I would start a thread on night photography and long exposure shots.

You need a good sturdy tripod, and if possible a cable release or gentle grip and fingers as you release the shutter.

These new links should work.

Here are a couple to kick off. Most are 30 seconds, though some are less.

Feel free to ask questions etc..

Taken as a passenger in a car


Marlow Bridge, Buckinghamshire


Main road junction


Now for some light painting, here I used a torch to light the tractor. While the shutter is open, move the torch over what it is you are photographing.

You can use an external flash gun for this too (see second pic)



This was an accident.. I was painting the tractor with torchlight, but miss timed the return of the combine. This means I lit te front of the tractor while it is being lit from behind.


And a last bonus shot..


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  • Location: Weston-S-Mare North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Hot sunny , cold and snowy, thunderstorms
  • Location: Weston-S-Mare North Somerset

We can see them now Missfits

Lovely photos

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  • Location: marlow bucks
  • Location: marlow bucks

Great pics - got a technical question as I'm planning some night photography with long shutters. Are you using a cable release or just the settings avaliable on the camera?

Hi UKweathergirl,

For the shots that I have posted here I used either manual or Aperture Priority. Manual you set both the shutter speed and the DOF with the aperture. F8 is about right for most things. Anything moving will be blurred out of the shot as the shutter time gets slower. You will also need a tripod. Balancing the exposure is the important thing to get right. always under expose rather than over expose as it is the only way to retrieve detail in an image.

It depends on what you will be taking photos of. I do one to one training too if needed. If you want to capture some motion blur on things then a shutter speed of about 1/6th or 1/3rd of a second should do it. This is @ 1/6th in Bruges on Friday.


If you need anything else, feel free to shout here or on Myspace, Twitter or my main website.


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