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Sts-128 And H-2B


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  • Location: Whaley Bridge - Peak District
  • Location: Whaley Bridge - Peak District

    Possible last chance to catch this mission before Discovery lands tonight at Cape Canveral. Theres a pass due at 2054UT tonight followed 2 minutes laer with the ISS trailing behind the Shuttle.

    Landing Opportunities look "iffy" as described by NASA today, but they want to get this bird on the ground today ASAP so they'll use any opportunity they can, tonights pass is the only visible unless the next 2 landing opportunities are called off in 5 hours time. Then we'll have one more possible pass tomorrow evening before Discovery will be down at the Cape.

    Following after th Shuttle mission to the ISS will be a HTV (H-2B) Cargo ship making rendevous orbits to the ISS, just launched from Japan its due to dock on Thursday at 2050UT. Passes should be up on the Heavens-Above website shortly once Orbital Data has been verified.

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