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Watson 8681 Improvements


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  • Location: Douglas, Isle of Man
  • Location: Douglas, Isle of Man

I have had the station a couple of months now (like the 1080 ?), and noticed rather spurious behaviour of the wind vane particularly in light airs, and reading elswhere about modifications, got th eladder out today and did a quick fix.

I cut the flat bottom out of a clear plastic food box (as you get lots of stuff packed in from the supermarkets) and folded it over into an oblong.

Applied double sided tape inside where it would stick to the existing vane tail and itself, then cut to shape ready to install. Up the ladder, remove the paper off the double tape and clipped it over the tail and pressed together. A quick staple front and back to hold it until it stuck well, and we're done.

Initial results in 2-3mph air are very encouraging, the graph had been tamed from its former 'scatter-graph' effect !

so simple, but how long before they change the design ?

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