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Scandinavia Summer Climate And Central Europe Weather

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  • Location: leeds
  • Location: leeds

    what is it like? i know it isn't very hot. but is it similar to the uk weather in typical summers? I heard it was.

    I also wondered, was scandinavia and parts of belgium,netherlands and n.france etc affected by lots of rain in 2007, 08 and 09 like us with all the flooding, more so in 07 and 08. the reason i ask, is that these countries are not far from us and i use to think scandi had similar weather to us in britain. looking at 07 and 08 archives for scandi , i can see lots of nuiscance low pressure system, especially near norway and sweden. thanks

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    What is the climate in Scandinavia like? I would say more or less the same as on the British Isles in the summers.

    The annual sunshine hours in my city (Stockholm) is approx. 1900 hours, in London it is nearer 1500 hours. (Source: http://www.emigratenz.org/NewZealandClimate.html#christchurch). Temperature wise, it is the same temperatures in Stockholm that in the south of England,

    the averages in July is 22°c for maxima and 13°c for the minima. Long days with persisting civil twilight in the nights make the sun shine even longer when there are clear skies. But it do vary a lot from time to time. Some summers are rainy, and some are not, but such variations are everywhere!

    But I guess we do not as strong polar front depressions as the British Isles here because of the fading out when coming here.

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