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January Coldest Since 1987


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  • Location: Maidstone, Kent



    Rob Howard

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    January Coldest since 1987

    01 February

    January was officially the coldest since 1987, the average temperature was 1.19°c compared to the long term running average of 4.2°c. An astonishing 3.01°c below average.

    This comes after December was the coldest since 1996. So what does February hold, is another cold month in store?

    Managing Director of Kwik Weather Forecasting Services Marshall Jarvis added "We have experienced a bitterly cold winter to date, we are expecting a milder and wetter week this week but there are signals that the cold may be back mid-month".

    (www.kwfs.info – pressoffice@kwfs.info):

    For additional information Contact: pressoffice@kwfs.info KWFS is an independent non-profit organization formed by Rob Howard in 2005. Since then the organization has grown into a strong forecasting solution serving over 250,000 visitors.

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    I would say that for the next 2 to 3 weeks there is a chance of getting a shortish sub zero spell but as the sun gets higher in the sky the chances of this start to diminish - I would still expect to get some snowfall but mostly wet and of short duration, when the northerlies kick in from time to time, right up until the middle of April. The cold in this country and on the continent appears to diminishing but a change in wind direction could still bring it back for a short while, though I am not holding breath.

    Other than that we will have to wait to see what winter 2010 to 2011 has to bring - if Joe B and others are correct we have a bundle of cold winters in store and just maybe one might just exceed '62/63 - who knows?

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