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Stockholm Snow Storm

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Today are most people in Stockholm tired of this endless snowing and huge amounts of snow on the ground,

but a new storm is now on the way! It has been described as a storm of the 80's which will bring 20-40 cm for most

places in southern Sweden, and combined with very low temperatures and strong easterly winds, the Swedish

Meteorological Bureau SMHI have now given the public a class two warning. It has only been class one warnings

for snow this winter, and I cannot remember when we had last a grade two warning!

Right now we have -14°c in Stockholm and combined with the wind, we are experiencing brutal wind chills.

It is nearly dangerous to go outside right now!

I cannot remember when we had such a snowfall with temperatures below -10°c, since cold days more often tend

to have clear skies and not cloudy ones with heavy snow. Most snow falls when a warm front passes and rises the

temperature to -2°c to 0°c, giving mostly amounts of sticky snow. But this winter has been quite odd and no sticky

snow has fallen here, just powdery snow!

Monday is expected to giving morning temperatures of -27°c to -20°c in Stockholm county since the snow will move

away and give some clear skies. It will be interesting what the snow depth will be then!

My memory says that the deepest amount in modern time in Stockholm was 62 cm in February 1982, but that was

measured in the city centre on a hill, which often has its own winter climate.


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The aftermath of this snow storm became enormous, and the whole public transport system has been now still for two days in Stockholm! Combined with bitter temperatures, gusty winds, and heavy snowfall (but not as much as expected) and huge drifts, most of the trains and all of the commuter system has been prone to big delays. The snow depth is now approximately 50-60 cm in Stockholm right now. But we are not certainly in the top in the southern parts of the country. A small village on the west coast has oddly recorded a 102 cm snow depth, despite it is one of the mildest parts of the country during winter time! That is so impressive! And it is more winter to come!

And I wrote on Saturday that it was an indication for a really bitter morning today, and it was cold!

Maybe record-breaking cold for some places though, but I do not know for the moment when it was colder.

I measured a -25°c, outside my house north of Stockholm making it the coldest temperature since 2 March 2005, and the city centre of Stockholm was quite balmy, only -21°c, because of the large extent of the micro climate in the city and the position on a 30m large hill.

- Tullinge, a suburb some 20 km south of the city centre measured -30°c, and it is always in the top in coldest places in Stockholm county during the winter.

- Enköping a city 60 km north-west of Stockholm measured -33°c this morning, making it certainly the coldest one in modern time!

This cold is certainly impressive, and those snow amounts too.

Here are some pictures I made yesterday!


Sunday morning from my window, -14°c with nice sunshine!


Snow shoveling in -14°c and brisk winds!

It is so much snow now that it is dangerous now with snow on the roofs.

Many roofs on buildings with a wide extent have collapsed the recent times.


As we say in Swedish, insnöat.


This is an approximation of the snow depth for the moment, but it is varying quite a lot between places.

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