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Beware Of Bogus Emails


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  • Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire 160M Powering the Sheffield Shield
  • Weather Preferences: Any Extreme
  • Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire 160M Powering the Sheffield Shield

    Just had this pop into my weather email box.


    We are in the development stages of a project analysing the changing climate of the United Kingdom by using data collected from automatic weather stations across the country. We already have a network of 11 stations providing data to the project - the data is then converted into graphs and tables which will then be published freely for the public on our website (when it launches later in the Spring). We are a non-profit, voluntary organisation.

    We noticed you run an automatic weather station (AWS) and would be very grateful if you could consider joining our network for free. We will provide all the support needed to enable you to become part of the IICCP network.

    If you agree to join, you will have the option to display the graphs on your website(s) and we provide links to your website and give you full credit across our website.

    We welcome weather station owners running any well-known software, but the data submission processes vary depending on which software you are using.

    If you are interested in participating please reply to this email with details of the software you use to collect your data and a preferred link to your website, and we will send details of how to join the network (dependent on the software you use).

    Many thanks,

    The IICCP Team.

    The site or organisation doesn't come up in google so I advise you not too reply.

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  • Location: Scottish Borders (SE) 150m/492ft
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  • Location: Scottish Borders (SE) 150m/492ft

    It does now.....

    Thank you for being Cautious though....

    Please feel free to take a look around, but remember we are still in BETA....

    As of writing this - we have 19 stations submitting data to us....


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