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27Th June 2009 Thunderstorm


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  • Location: Watford, Hertfordshire, 68.7m ASL
  • Weather Preferences: Humid Continental Climate (Dfa / Dfb)
  • Location: Watford, Hertfordshire, 68.7m ASL

    I was having a nap as you do, and my mum or dad came up and told me there was a thunderstorm coming.

    I jumped out of bed in a dillusion just thinking that it was gonna last about 10 mins with about 5 flashes of lightning, boy was I wrong it turned up at about 4:30 and didnt leave till about 9:45 best thunderstorm i had seen in a while.

    I had to cut most of the footage out to keep it short-ish!

    good thing i have a 4GB Sd card! smile.gif

    there were storms predicted for that day but i dont think they meant this strong. doh.gif


    Im one of those WHOA people everytime there is lightning.

    My dog is annoying in the video.

    The camera was my camera phone and im not the steadiest of people.

    I sound homosexual which im not.

    Im not the best with weather terms and quite frankly im probably wrong about most of the stuff I say!

    And sorry for any bad language you may hear!



    So i have no idea if it was severe or not there was some pretty large hail please comment about it.

    We serisously need a weather service just like the USA with diferrent countys weather updates. air_kiss.gifdirol.gif

    If you want the better quality version then just holla at me and ill upload it too media fire or something.

    Link to video as it hasnt embedded!!! sad.gif


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