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Report & Pictures Chase Day 20

Paul Sherman

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  • Location: Leigh On Sea - Essex & Tornado Alley
  • Location: Leigh On Sea - Essex & Tornado Alley

    Started Sunday May 16th in Fredericksburg (Tx) with one eye on the Models for Monday and Tuesday in the Texas Panhandle. So this was a Part Travel and Part Chase if something pops up day. We need the rest as well because this year is not giving up with Chase day after Chase Day!

    It became apparant early this evening that an Outflow Boundary was setting up just South of the I-40 Corridoor from the Earlier Ok City Massive Hail Bomb Supercell. We Pre-Booked the rooms at Childress with a View to shoot some Lightning Photography just North of Town. It worked perfectly as we rolled into Town at 715pm a Line of Severe Warned Storms were about 15 Miles North of Town. So we set up and watched a Great Lightning Display!

    Some Pictures

    Paul S

    post-24-12740744056677_thumb.jpg - Attempt at a Wall Cloud!

    post-24-12740744450407_thumb.jpg - Scud Bomb

    post-24-12740744694803_thumb.jpg - Those Terracotta Colours Again!

    post-24-12740744987234_thumb.jpg - Sunset Across the Texas Panhandle

    post-24-12740745337251_thumb.jpg - Cloud to Air Strike

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  • Location: Stanley, County Durham.
  • Weather Preferences: Anything Extreme!
  • Location: Stanley, County Durham.

    Turned out to be a good end to the day after quite a long journey from Fredericksburg up to Childress.

    Didn't capture much lightning today, but here's some photos including a couple of HDR's...



    Getting close to the end now and I'm really not ready to go yet, just going to make the most of the last two days and enjoy it whatever happens.

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