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New Tools For Climatology And Long Range Weather Forecasting

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  • Location: Crowborough, East Sussex 180mASL
  • Location: Crowborough, East Sussex 180mASL

    The first data set from the GOCE satellite were released 9th June, but only today is the level-2 data for the gravity field model released during the 'Living Planet' symposium in Bergen, Norway.

    As an amateur meteorologist, if you look at the hi-def images, one can't help but be stunned by the similarities between the positions of gravity troughs and ridges which strikingly match the positioning of global teleconnection features. Particulary the NAO, ENSO, AO and PNA are clearly visible.

    We are on the cusp of some powerful new tools for both climatology and LRP, allowing us to start predicting teleconnection behaviour rather than mere interpretation and temporal pattern matching from indices.

    Expect scientific papers to hit the stores within a few months along with the first teleconnection predictions.

    As Scotty would say 'I like it here, it's exciting!'


    Image here

    ESA video

    GOCE information here

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