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Camden Square

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    A famous weather observation site set in London was founded by George Symons in 1858. Some high maxima records were set by the station but these are now considered suspect. You can see why when you see a photo of the site published by British Rainfall 1921


    Looks pretty sheltered.

    The maxima date records set by this station

    16th April 1949: 29.4C

    30th April 1952: 26.1C

    12th May 1945: 30.6C

    16th May 1925: 27.8C

    18th May 1952: 30.0C

    21st May 1922: 3.6C

    22nd May 1922: 32.8C

    24th May 1922: 32.2C

    28th May 1944: 30.6C

    31st May 1947: 32.2C

    5th June 1933: 31.7C

    6th June 1950: 33.3C

    20th June 1936: 31.7C

    21st June 1936: 31.7C

    22nd June 1941: 34.3C

    29th June 1957: 35.6C

    7th July 1923: 33.3C

    8th July 1941: 34.1C

    13th July 1923: 35.6C

    15th July 1881: 35.0C

    19th July 1900: 34.0C

    12th August 1953: 33.9C

    29th August 1930: 34.4C

    13th September 1934: 28.3C

    18th September 1926: 29.4C

    19th September 1926: 32.2C

    22nd September 1956: 26.1C

    23rd September 1928: 28.3C

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