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Decadal Rainfall Averages For England And Wales

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam


    2000s: 85.7mm

    1990s: 101.5mm

    1980s: 91.6mm

    1970s: 97.8mm

    1960s: 83.1mm

    1950s: 78.8mm

    1940s: 97.0mm

    1930s: 100.6mm

    1920s: 98.3mm

    1910s: 84.8mm

    1900s: 73.0mm

    1890s: 73.2mm

    1880s: 66.5mm

    1870s: 91.2mm

    1860s: 90.7mm

    1850s: 77.6mm

    1840s: 75.1mm

    1830s: 63.6mm

    1820s: 58.5mm

    1810s: 61.6mm

    1800s: 72.2mm

    1790s: 72.3mm

    1780s: 69.2mm

    1770s: 63.6mm


    2000s: 72.1mm

    1990s: 72.1mm

    1980s: 55.7mm

    1970s: 72.7mm

    1960s: 61.7mm

    1950s: 73.1mm

    1940s: 61.0mm

    1930s: 62.6mm

    1920s: 71.6mm

    1910s: 77.0mm

    1900s: 61.2mm

    1890s: 53.4mm

    1880s: 68.1mm

    1870s: 70.1mm

    1860s: 63.3mm

    1850s: 44.8mm

    1840s: 63.2mm

    1830s: 76.6mm

    1820s: 58.5mm

    1810s: 68.7mm

    1800s: 56.6mm

    1790s: 56.2mm

    1780s: 58.6mm

    1770s: 66.1mm


    2000s: 63.2mm

    1990s: 60.0mm

    1980s: 94.2mm

    1970s: 69.6mm

    1960s: 61.9mm

    1950s: 61.7mm

    1940s: 60.0mm

    1930s: 54.5mm

    1920s: 53.2mm

    1910s: 79.8mm

    1900s: 71.7mm

    1890s: 57.9mm

    1880s: 64.3mm

    1870s: 57.7mm

    1860s: 71.7mm

    1850s: 48.6mm

    1840s: 55.2mm

    1830s: 63.4mm

    1820s: 58.8mm

    1810s: 68.5mm

    1800s: 41.9mm

    1790s: 47.9mm

    1780s: 50.9mm

    1770s: 55.3mm


    2000s: 68.1mm

    1990s: 66.7mm

    1980s: 58.0mm

    1970s: 55.9mm

    1960s: 71.4mm

    1950s: 44.4mm

    1940s: 52.6mm

    1930s: 67.3mm

    1920s: 64.8mm

    1910s: 52.7mm

    1900s: 59.1mm

    1890s: 48.5mm

    1880s: 58.5mm

    1870s: 62.1mm

    1860s: 49.3mm

    1850s: 59.2mm

    1840s: 57.3mm

    1830s: 56.8mm

    1820s: 69.0mm

    1810s: 63.1mm

    1800s: 57.9mm

    1790s: 64.8mm

    1780s: 55.1mm

    1770s: 48.6mm


    2000s: 75.1mm

    1990s: 51.4mm

    1980s: 64.0mm

    1970s: 60.8mm

    1960s: 73.2mm

    1950s: 62.9mm

    1940s: 69.8mm

    1930s: 63.0mm

    1920s: 65.3mm

    1910s: 56.0mm

    1900s: 61.6mm

    1890s: 55.2mm

    1880s: 61.9mm

    1870s: 58.6mm

    1860s: 67.3mm

    1850s: 59.8mm

    1840s: 67.8mm

    1830s: 49.6mm

    1820s: 61.5mm

    1810s: 82.3mm

    1800s: 67.6mm

    1790s: 64.1mm

    1780s: 66.2mm

    1770s: 70.5mm


    2000s: 63.4mm

    1990s: 71.4mm

    1980s: 73.2mm

    1970s: 58.1mm

    1960s: 62.1mm

    1950s: 66.3mm

    1940s: 54.4mm

    1930s: 62.2mm

    1920s: 53.5mm

    1910s: 61.2mm

    1900s: 68.9mm

    1890s: 61.0mm

    1880s: 59.4mm

    1870s: 73.1mm

    1860s: 70.3mm

    1850s: 73.0mm

    1840s: 69.0mm

    1830s: 88.5mm

    1820s: 57.1mm

    1810s: 67.7mm

    1800s: 51.5mm

    1790s: 58.7mm

    1780s: 73.0mm

    1770s: 75.3mm


    2000s: 86.4mm

    1990s: 54.5mm

    1980s: 61.4mm

    1970s: 57.1mm

    1960s: 76.7mm

    1950s: 80.7mm

    1940s: 70.6mm

    1930s: 85.5mm

    1920s: 86.6mm

    1910s: 73.5mm

    1900s: 67.2mm

    1890s: 72.7mm

    1880s: 95.2mm

    1870s: 76.8mm

    1860s: 62.4mm

    1850s: 84.7mm

    1840s: 77.7mm

    1830s: 88.2mm

    1820s: 88.0mm

    1810s: 89.8mm

    1800s: 81.1mm

    1790s: 94.0mm

    1780s: 85.2mm

    1770s: 94.3mm


    2000s: 78.7mm

    1990s: 69.4mm

    1980s: 76.0mm

    1970s: 72.9mm

    1960s: 88.5mm

    1950s: 100.1mm

    1940s: 79.2mm

    1930s: 68.7mm

    1920s: 89.9mm

    1910s: 93.7mm

    1900s: 90.2mm

    1890s: 89.5mm

    1880s: 71.4mm

    1870s: 97.2mm

    1860s: 83.7mm

    1850s: 83.9mm

    1840s: 86.0mm

    1830s: 79.5mm

    1820s: 87.4mm

    1810s: 68.7mm

    1800s: 70.5mm

    1790s: 96.2mm

    1780s: 80.0mm

    1770s: 83.4mm


    2000s: 67.8mm

    1990s: 85.8mm

    1980s: 76.0mm

    1970s: 75.6mm

    1960s: 89.6mm

    1950s: 87.8mm

    1940s: 68.1mm

    1930s: 79.6mm

    1920s: 75.3mm

    1910s: 64.1mm

    1900s: 55.7mm

    1890s: 70.5mm

    1880s: 86.3mm

    1870s: 94.5mm

    1860s: 92.2mm

    1850s: 76.5mm

    1840s: 81.9mm

    1830s: 89.1mm

    1820s: 93.3mm

    1810s: 71.7mm

    1800s: 73.0mm

    1790s: 101.1mm

    1780s: 96.6mm

    1770s: 101.4mm


    2000s: 115.6mm

    1990s: 92.2mm

    1980s: 108.5mm

    1970s: 69.1mm

    1960s: 90.2mm

    1950s: 75.3mm

    1940s: 89.9mm

    1930s: 102.7mm

    1920s: 96.0mm

    1910s: 94.2mm

    1900s: 108.2mm

    1890s: 103.8mm

    1880s: 108.1mm

    1870s: 107.0mm

    1860s: 93.3mm

    1850s: 100.4mm

    1840s: 105.0mm

    1830s: 97.3mm

    1820s: 104.0mm

    1810s: 97.7mm

    1800s: 72.1mm

    1790s: 99.5mm

    1780s: 76.2mm

    1770s: 105.0mm


    2000s: 116.9mm

    1990s: 97.2mm

    1980s: 88.0mm

    1970s: 99.0mm

    1960s: 98.4mm

    1950s: 100.1mm

    1940s: 97.0mm

    1930s: 102.7mm

    1920s: 97.4mm

    1910s: 91.7mm

    1900s: 75.5mm

    1890s: 86.4mm

    1880s: 98.2mm

    1870s: 96.3mm

    1860s: 80.7mm

    1850s: 75.2mm

    1840s: 94.2mm

    1830s: 106.3mm

    1820s: 89.2mm

    1810s: 88.1mm

    1800s: 92.9mm

    1790s: 98.6mm

    1780s: 72.9mm

    1770s: 100.2mm


    2000s: 94.9mm

    1990s: 102.2mm

    1980s: 98.8mm

    1970s: 92.5mm

    1960s: 97.2mm

    1950s: 94.4mm

    1940s: 82.9mm

    1930s: 85.7mm

    1920s: 98.4mm

    1910s: 125.6mm

    1900s: 91.9mm

    1890s: 92.6mm

    1880s: 89.6mm

    1870s: 83.1mm

    1860s: 86.8mm

    1850s: 67.2mm

    1840s: 67.9mm

    1830s: 79.4mm

    1820s: 97.4mm

    1810s: 82.3mm

    1800s: 87.3mm

    1790s: 81.2mm

    1780s: 60.2mm

    1770s: 79.8mm

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