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November Analysis

Optimus Prime

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  • Location: G.Manchester
  • Location: G.Manchester

    From record high maximum and minimum temperatures during the first half to record low maximum and minimum temperatures during the second half.

    The month started extremely mild. Record breaking high of 18.6c on the 4th after a record breaking high low of 14.3c. The weather type until the 19th was various , often cold. From the 19th it turned progressively colder with cool days and chilly nights. From the 24th onwards it turned intensely cold with some record low overnight minimum and record low maximum. An exceptionally cold end with some snow. Overall a very cold month , dry with normal sunshine.

    Highest Maximum 18.6c 4th (record high for November since 2004)

    Highest Minimum 14.3c 4th (record high for November)

    Lowest Maximum 0.3c 28th (record low for November)

    Lowest Minimum -6.3c 29th (record low for November)

    Mean Maxima 8.7c (-1.9c)

    Mean Minimum 3.6c (-1.9c)

    Mean Temperature 6.1c (-1.9c)

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  • Location: Newton Aycliffe, County Durham
  • Location: Newton Aycliffe, County Durham

    Compared to the Durham 71-00 averages this month was 1º below average. As Optimus Prime, a record high and low for November recorded in this month. Slightly wetter than average, and very snowy in the last 6 days, all having snow cover at 9am.

    Highest Max : 16.3ºC

    Lowest Min : -7.1ºC

    Average Max : 7.2ºC (-1.8º)

    Average Min : 2.9ºC (-0.2º)

    Mean Temp : 5.0ºC (-1.0º)

    Rainfall : 78mm (+16.5) this total included 18mm manually melted snow.

    Snow Lying : 6 days, at 9am

    Snow Depth : 19cm max, at 9am on 29th. Note - the depth increased to 23cm by mid afternoon.

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

    Well, the overall picture hides the fact that the first week of the month had a mean temperature of 7.3C, whilst the final week of the month had a mean temperature of -2.4C. Quite some contrast. Unsurprisingly, the mean temp ended up way below average.

    The raw statistics are:-

    Average daily maximum; 6.2C

    Highest daily maximum; 14.4C (4th)

    Lowest daily maximum; -0.9C (27th)

    Average daily minimum; 0.2C

    Highest daily minimum; 8.9C (4th)

    Lowest daily minimum; -8.1C (27th)

    Mean monthly temperature 3.2C (12 year mean 5.7C)

    Number of air frosts; fourteen

    Number of ground frosts; twenty-two

    Total rainfall; 106.2mm (up to first snowfall)

    No of wet days; twenty-five

    Wettest day; 24.4mm (2nd)

    No of days with snow falling; six.

    Highest wind gust; 52mph (11th)

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

    My statistics for central Reading in November 2010:

    Average maximum: 8.2

    Average minimum: 4.6

    Average for month: 6.4

    Highest maximum: 18.2 (November 4)

    Lowest maximum: 0.4 (28)

    Highest minimum: 15.0 (4)

    Lowest minimum: -4.5 (28)

    Rainfall: no data available for this site; Reading University shows around 50mm for the month, which is slightly below normal. There were several wet days in the first half of the month, but the second half was very dry.

    Overall a cold month (mean temperatures in my garden seem to be around CET + 0.5-1.0, so we would expect an average of 7.4-7.9 here in November), but that wasn't the entire story, of course. The first week was very mild, with maxima and minima for the 4th the highest since 2005. Alternating cold and mild spells up to the 18th, with some wet days but rainfall declining. From the 18th onwards it was cold and very dry, with an exceptional cold spell from the 25th onwards. Brief flurries of falling snow were observed on 3 days during this spell, but none settled on the ground.

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  • Location: Sunderland
  • Weather Preferences: cold
  • Location: Sunderland

    New Durham Statistics (83m ASL) {not my station}:

    Average High: 7.2C

    Average Low: 1.8C

    -1.8C and -1.3C respectively against the Durham average, which is infact cooler than New Durham, so the average could be 7C, 1.5C (which is infact the December Average!).

    Very cold month then...

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  • Location: Buxton Derbyshire (1,100ft AMSL)
  • Location: Buxton Derbyshire (1,100ft AMSL)

    Buxton, Derbyshire, England

    Unofficial November 2010 Climatic Records

    Latitude 53*N Longitude 1.5*W Elevation 338m/1110ft AMSL

    Valid 1st- 30th November, 2010

    Mean Maximum: 5.3°C / 41.5°F

    Mean Minimum: 1.2°C / 34.2°F

    Mean Temperature: 3.3°C / 37.9°F

    Highest Temperature: 14.2°C / 57.6°F (4th)

    Lowest Temperature: -9.4°C / 15.1°F (28th)


    Lowest Maximum: -1.6°C / 29.1°F (28th)

    Highest Minimum: 10.8°C / 51.4°F (4th)


    Precipitation: 170mm / 6.7"

    Days with rain >1mm: 9

    Days with rain/drizzle: 14

    Most in one day: 42mm / 1.7" (2nd)


    Mean Pressure: 1006.3mb

    Max Pressure: 1020mb (16th)

    Min Pressure: 968mb (8th)

    Average Maximum Wind Gust: 32.3mph

    Maximum Wind Gust: 72mph (12th)


    Sunshine hours: 53.6

    Most in one day: 5 (15th)

    Average per day: 1.8 hours

    Sunless days: 7


    Days with:

    Sleet/Snow: 3

    Fog: At least two.

    Hail/Ice Pellets: 0

    Thunderstorm: 0

    Nights below freezing: 10

    Ice days: 3 (27th, 28th, 30th)

    Month synopsis:

    Certainly a very interesting month, some very mild temps in the first week (for Buxton in November), but also extremely wet in the first half with three days having over an inch of rain each. Most notable was the incredible cold and snow in the final week, some record breaking low temperatures, and over half a foot of snow accumulated by the end of the final day.

    -9.4°C on 28th is a record low temperature for the date.

    The mean temperature contrast between the 1st week (8.1°C) and last week (-2.5°C) is quite astonishing for the maritime climate.

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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

    November 2010 , Lampeter, Ceredigion, West Wales


    Overall a cool month with average rain. Exceptionally cold final week.

    1st-5th: Very mild, unsettled and quite windy. Mostly cloudy with rain at times. Exceptionally mild night 4th, minimum 13c.

    6th-10th: Cool and unsettled, further rain or showers at times, but also some sunny spells. A very deep low crossed SW Wales on the 8th with a brief gale and pressure of just 962mbar, the lowest for several years. Frosts on the 10th and 11th.

    11th- 13th: Rather mild and continuing unsettled. Another very deep low brought gale force winds on the 11th although with only limited damage in this area.

    14th- 16th: Cool with night frosts (-5c 15th), drier with sunny spells but some showers 15th.

    17th– 18th: Very unsettled and quite windy, with lots of heavy rain and showers. Near normal temperatures.

    19th - 20th : Near normal temperatures, mostly dry, sunny spells.

    21st– 24th: Cool with slight frosts. Rather cloudy and some showers around too.

    25th- 30th: An exceptionally cold spell. Severe to very severe frosts, almost unknown in November (coldest found in local records is -10c in 1993).27th- 30th minima all below -10c, the lowest-13.7c 28th. Snowfall on 26th gave 5cm, and this lay largely intact until the month's end giving 5 days of snow lying, again unprecedented in November. Apart from the 26th mostly sunny/ clear. Maximum of -2.2c 28th was the coldest I have had in November.


    Total rainfall: 140.6mm

    Wettest day: 25.0mm 16th

    Rain days >0.2mm: 20

    Wet days >1.0mm: 18

    Days of heavy rain>10mm: 5

    Mean temperature: 4.3c

    Mean max: 8.2c

    Mean min: 0.4c

    High max: 14.5c 4th

    Low max: -2.2c 28th

    High min: 13.0c 4th

    Low min: -13.7c 28th

    Air frost: 15

    Ground frost: 19

    Mean RH: 92%

    High RH: 100% various

    Low RH: 69% 10th

    Predominant wind directions: NW and SSE

    Mean wind speed: 1.1mph

    Mean pressure: 1005mbar

    Max pressure: 1021mbar 16th

    Min pressure: 962mbar 8th

    Days with:

    Ice days: 1


    Sleet or snow: 4

    Snow lying 0900: 5

    Gale: 2

    Thunder: 0

    Fog: 5

    Fog at 0900: 3

    post-2595-0-58268200-1291239736_thumb.jp post-2595-0-13039300-1291239759_thumb.jp

    Note to graphs: Error with pressure mean/min due to a spike.

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

    I haven't had opportunity to compare this November to previous years, but the staggering statistic is that I recorded

    the highest maximum and highest minimum for any November (since starting in 2003) in the first week and then, in the

    last week, I recorded the lowest minimum and lowest maximum for November (since starting in 2003) !

    Highest maximum = 16.8c (4 Nov)

    Highest minimum = 13.9c (5 Nov)

    Lowest maximum = -1.4c (28 Nov)

    Lowest minimum = -5.2c (29 Nov)

    Stats for Warminster, Wiltshire

    Average max = 7.65c

    Average min = 3.49c

    Mean = 5.57c

    Dry days = 10

    Precipitation days = 20 (of which wintry = 5)

    Rainfall = 97mm (of which 62mm came between 8-13 Nov)

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    A summary of Cantley November weather

    November Summary

    What a month, 2 very long term records broken and another one is the 3rd in the record list.

    The most snow since records started in 1943 in this area (they are the earliest I know of)

    17 cm falling between 1730 and 2400 on 30 November. That after 4 days of snow falling and lying before then.

    The lowest minimum temperature in November on 28 November=-8.4C

    The 3rd highest maximum temperature on 4 November with 18.1C

    The mean temperature for the first 5 days was 12.4C. It then fell each 5 days until by the 20th it was 7.6C.

    There then followed an almost unique wintry spell from 24 November with the last 7 days showing a mean of 0.3C.It still continues as I type this 3 December. In mid winter that would be deserving comment, this time of the year is almost unheard of in this area.

    General statistics, figures in brackets are the long term 50+ years for this area

    Mean temp=5.7C(6.5C)

    Avge Max=8.2C(9.3C)

    Avge Min=3.2C(3.8C)

    9(6) days with air frost, 13(11) with ground frost, 5(5) days with snow falling and snow lying(0), max depth at 09Z=5cm but at 2359 on 30th=18cm.

    Rainfall below average with 24.8mm, max in 1 day=9.2mm on 8th

    Highest daytime temperature =18.1C on 4th with the coldest day being -0.6C on 28th.

    Coldest night=-8.4C on 28th with the warmest night being 10.8C on the 5th.

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine, convective precipitation, snow, thunderstorms, "episodic" months.
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

    Statistics for Cleadon, Tyne and Wear, November 2010, with respect to estimated 1971-2000 averages.

    Mean Max 7.9C (-1.4)

    Mean Min 3.0C (-1.1)

    Highest Max 15.5C (4th)

    Lowest Max -0.1C (27th)

    Highest Min 10.2C (5th)

    Lowest Min -6.4C (28th)

    Precipitation 114mm (173%)

    Wettest: 10mm (23rd)

    Days of sleet or snow: 8

    Days of snow lying: 6

    Largest snow depth: 17cm (28th)

    Days of thunder: 3

    Days with hail (>5mm): 1

    Days with small hail (<5mm): 3

    The month began with a very mild spell of weather, then from the 6th to 22nd temperatures were mostly near or slightly below average. Thunder occurred shortly after midnight overnight 8th/9th from showers to the north of a deep low that triggered a lot of concerns over possible gales and flooding. There was then a notable gale on the 11th that caught some of us out, followed by a bright spell with temperatures near-average by day and frosts by night, and then a cloudy easterly spell to the 22nd.

    Northerly winds came in on the 23rd, ushering in an astounding 10 consecutive days of sunshine and wintry showers. Showers started to turn to sleet and snow overnight 23rd/24th, and started accumulating late on the 24th. On the 25th, despite winds temporarily picking up off the North Sea, showers stayed as snow and there was only a slight thaw in between the showers, followed by more significant accumulations on the 26th. The 27th & 28th were remarkably cold with sunshine and snow showers and some longer outbreaks of snow.

    The 28th saw winds pick up off the North Sea during the afternoon, giving thundery wintry showers (again the warming effects of the sea at the coast generally failed to turn showers back to sleet and rain), thundersnow occurred at 11:20pm on the 28th and there was a more significant thunderstorm, accompanied by snow and large hail, between 6 and 7am on the 29th. Late on the 29th and early on the 30th, thaws during clear intervals, due to the warming effects of the sea at the coast, were enough to more than offset accumulations during showers, but this situation reversed late on the 30th as colder upper air engulfed the region. By midnight showers were sending the temperature below freezing- an unusual occurrence this close to the Tyne and Wear coast in an easterly even in mid to late winter.

    The lowest maximum and minimum were both the lowest in November since 1993, the number of days with snow lying was the highest since 1993, and the number of days with sleet/snow falling and with thunder both set new November site records (3 days with thunder is rare in a summer month in Tyne and Wear, let alone in November). It was also the coldest November since 1993 although November 1996 was almost as cold.

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

    Hedon, East Yorkshire.

    November 2010

    Warmest Max: 17.3°C (on 04/11/10)- 2nd highest on record

    Coldest Max: 1.7°C (on 29/11/10) - lowest since 1993

    Warmest Min: 11.3°C (on 02/11/10)

    Coldest Min: -6.8°C (on 28/11/10) - lowest since 1985

    Average Max: 8.2°C (-1.6°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Min: 3.8°C (-0.4°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

    Overall Average: 6.0°C (-1.0°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 47.2mm (83% of Normal)

    Wettest Day: 2nd (5.2mm)

    Sunshine: 71 hours (108% of Normal)

    Air Frosts: 5

    Sleet/Snow Falling: 7 days

    Snow lying at 0900: 6 days

    Dry Days: 2

    Wet Days: 28

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 18

    Thunderstorms: 3

    Year 2010 So Far (Jan - Nov)

    Warmest Max: 28.7°C (on 10/07/10)

    Coldest Max: 0.4°C (on 04/01/10)

    Warmest Min: 18.3°C (on 02/07/10)

    Coldest Min: -6.8°C (on 28/11/10)

    Average Max: 13.5°C (-0.5°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Min: 6.8°C (Equal to 1971-2000 Average)

    Overall Average: 10.1°C (-0.3°C Below Running 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 462.6mm (90% of Normal)

    Wettest Day: 22/01/10 (17.5mm)

    Sunshine: 1540 hours (108% of Normal)

    Air Frosts: 40

    Sleet/Snow Falling: 32 days

    Snow lying at 0900: 19 days

    Dry Days: 124

    Wet Days: 208

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 121

    Thunderstorms: 6

    The coldest November since 1998 and the best for snow falling and lying in my 28 years of records. The month could be split into three parts: A very mild first week, an exceptionally cold last week and a close to average middle. Despite rainfall being close to average, precipitation fell on all but two days.

    The first week was generally dull and cloudy but exceptionally mild. The temperature on the 4th of 17.3C was the second highest in 28 years, beaten only by 2005. Minima were all above 9C in the first five days aswell, with the mean from 1st - 5th being 12.2C. It then turned cooler and unsettled in the second week. The 11th and 12th saw strong gales before things calmed down with some sunshine. This was shortlived however as winds turned to the east, heralding almost a week of overcast, dull and drizzly weather with little change in temperature from day to night.

    The 23rd then saw the beginning of the most severe spell of November wintry weather for many years. During the first three days a showery northerly flow brought a light covering of 2cm of snow and light air frosts. It turned fiercely cold on the night of the 27th, with a min temp of -6.8C the following morning - the lowest for 25 years. That day then brought heavy snow, eventually reaching 14cm deep before the end of the month. The 28th, 29th and 30th also saw thundersnow, a phenomenon never observed at this location before now. Snow lay on the ground from the 25th - 30th, the longest period of consecutive days in November Ive ever recorded. There were also 7 days with sleet or snow falling, again a record at this site.

    Overall, a cold month but with an exceptional cold spell and notable mild start.

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