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December 1870


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

December 1870 was very cold with a CET of 0.6C

Some reports

Linton Park: An unusually severe wintry month, rather deep snow on the ground from 8th to 13th and 21st to month's end.

Banbury: Max temp below 32F on 9 days

Shifnal: Temp was below 32F on 23 nights. Scarcely any holly berries.

Orleton: Snow, cold, fog and much rime from 20th to month's end. All rivers frozen over by 31st.

Wigston: Mean temp for last 11 days was 27.3F

York: Snow continually from 21st to 31st.

Haverfordwest: Snow lying coast to high water level. Icicles hanging from cliffs resembling the interior of stalactite caverns.

Deanston minima

23rd: 4.5F

24th: 16F

25th: 9F

26th: 12F

27th: 6.8F

28th: 15.7F

Wrexham minima

21st: 30.0F

22nd: 18.8F

23rd: 15.2F

24th: 13.5F

25th: 11.5F

26th: 21.0F

27th: 14.0F

28th: 18.4F

29th: 27.9F

30th: 19.6F

31st: 3.6F

Horncastle maxima and minima

21st: 30.5F; 29.5F

22nd: 28.5F; 21.5F

23rd: 21.5F; 14.5F

24th: 18.0F; 2.0F

25th: 26.0F; 5.0F

26th: 32.0F; 21.0F

27th: 31.5F; 23.0F

28th: 34.0F; 29.0F

29th: 34.0F; 29.0F

30th: 30.0F, 21.0F

31st: 20.5F; 11.0F

Sidmouth maxima and minima

21st: 35.8F; 34.6F

22nd: 26.6F; 22.8F

23rd: 32.6F; 19.4F

24th: 36.2F; 21.2F

25th: 33.4F; 22.4F

26th: 36.2F; 22.7F

27th: 32.3F; 25.3F

28th: 33.3F; 25.3F

29th: 33.1F; 29.0F

30th: 31.8F; 25.5F

31st: 36.6F, 21.2F

Wolverhampton mean temp 31.6F

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