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Daily Chase Account 02/05/2004

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Guest ChaserUK


It has been a total nightmare trying to get online. I have now set up my AOL account (major problems there) and will soon try and work out the mobile access side of things (spent 3 hours in the Cingular mobile phone shop today but I got there in the end!). I am writing from Denton, TX, just N of Fort Worth on the I35. The weather has been, well, georgous with no clouds whatsoever so I am afraid there are no storms to report! I will check over the charts in a moment but I fear there won't be much happening until a few days time. Have spent today setting up the chase vehicle and working out how the GPS works which is not as easy as you think!

Anyway, I will report back when I wake up and let you know the day's plans.

Warm Regards

ChaserUK in the USA


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