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The chase hots up!!

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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

Things seem to be gearing themselves up in the states, ready for something quite spectacular to go off... Chaser is quite close to where the action is forecast to begin, so he should be sending us back some first hand accounts of severe weather USA tornado alley style!

To co-incide with his chase really beginning to take off, a new page has been added to the site with many of the NOAA warnings on it, links to view the more detailed warnings and current weather reports from some of the airports in the area that Chaser is covering.. This will also be the page that any video reports will be shown on..

Here is the link:


Chaser would really like more of us to get involved in his chase, so please do feel free to leave questions/comments for chaser, as he is checking in regularly.. Also keep an eye on the warnings and forecasts and if you feel Chaser may need to focus on a particular area, please do let him know. :D

Its all of our chances to get involved in a storm chase from the comfort of our homes, so we all ought to take advantage of that and get stuck in :D:D

Many thanks


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