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Guest ChaserUK

OK today it looks like all parameters are coming together in a small area around the Valentine area in NC Nebraska. Conditions are very good for tornadoes and supercells - watch this space!! :D:D8)

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Guest ChaserUK


After a couple of down days the models are looking good again for severe storms, possible Supercells and tornadoes today. We are currently heading N on the 79 in SE NE. Temp at 74F and DP at 56F. There is a number of people in the group today; Dave and girlfriend, Stu’s team and Sam’s team. Now heading N on 15 towards David City.


OK, things are off to a slow start and the SPC has issued an MD just to our NE. We are going to head towards a place called Ord, just W of Sargent in CNTRL NE.


Now heading S on the 281 towards Grand Island. Have word of a storm producing LARGER than baseball sized hail which developed very quickly. We had Norman SPC do a little radar analysis on the storm and it looks very intense for such a quick storm – very hard to ignore. Temps at 73F and DP’s have risen nicely to 62F.


DP now 61F and storms are popping all over the place real fast. Heading W on the 51. However skies are darkening ahead.


Heavy rain has started – off course I worry about the hail when it comes. We are currently doing near 80mph towards this storm and apparently a tornado warning has just been issued. Massive CG just landed a few fields away.


The storm we have targeted has again been tornado warned as we head towards it at 70mph down dirt tracks.


CG all around, very nasty road conditions, huge CG right nearby and thunder like a bomb going off. Sky is going very green up ahead – this looks severe to me alright. Heading West again and we are near the main updraft region of this storm – and that CG was closer than ever!


Underneath a huge storm with CG all over, some so close all you here is a BANG! Very heavy rain, some lowerings to our S, will probably get clobbered by hail any moment.


LARGE HAIL battering vehicle, CG all over, lowerings right over our heads!


In the clear at the moment, lots of chaser vehicles dot the landscape. We are moving away from the storm down more dirt tracks, also, we are running pretty low on fuel.


Got fuel and heading back in convoy with a bunch of other chasers on the 10 to Loup City. The storm we are targeting is now feeding off some real good moisture and has had a persistent meso for some time.


Funnel cloud spotted to our NE at the moment – moving at high speed to catch up with this storm. Lots of chase vehicles on this road now going after the same storm.


Storm to our North, going to head up Yutan Road straight north in a few minutes – this storm looks NASTY.


Still on the storm, waiting for it to produce. Lot’s of chasers here now looks like major rotation at the back end of this storm now.


Felt like the air was being sucked out the car then. There must be 50 chase vehicles on this storm now all wishing this storm to produce. Our ears just popped in the car!


Now following the DOW’s and a large band of chasers. Currently in Merrick County, NE. We should be heading N real soon.


OK we have no data so we are going where the DOW’s are going. Now heading SW through Central City – it would seem there is another target storm to the south.


Arrived in Grand Island, NE and now decided to call it a day. Clearly there is nothing tornadic to chase now. However, lightning is starting to kick off all around so I think we will have to make do with some lightning pics tonight.


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