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DAILY PICS 16/05/04

Guest ChaserUK

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Guest ChaserUK

OK guys, here is the sample from today. The first was taken in Lincoln, NE this morning, all vehicles you see here are in the chase group today.


This is as we were heading towards the one tornado warned storm.


We fought and slid our way down muddy dirt tracks at 70mph but eventually made it to the best part of the storm - this is the aim for any Storm Chaser - to get under the main updraft region.


We came across some hail and took a quick measurement - this was a good marble size but obviously bigger was being produced. But then again, do we really want our windscreen smashed.


This is a pic of the hail core - again, note the green ting to the area to the right?


This is what you are not supposed to do but we do it anyway, a blatent core punch. This will happen if you are on the N/NE side of the storm and want to get to the updraft/ SW quadrant of the storm - you have to go through the core - the downside is - where this wall cloud was - a tornado could have been - heading straight for us.


Looking NE - there was serious motion and inflow winds at the surface at this point - but the storm failed to produce.


Another nice Wall Cloud, again there was lots of rotation with all of these wall clouds.


Oh yes, another wall cloud, perhaps one of the best, there was serious rotation and upward motion here - we all thought it was about to produce its menacing tornado.


Another rotating wall cloud. You can perhaps by now understand chaser frustration when you see wall cloud after wallcloud but no tornado. Yet, we chased this storm for 3 hours or so.


This was the best motion within a wall cloud that we saw. However, it was clear that storms over N Kansas where distrurbing the S/SW flow of moisture into these storms. The chase would soon be over.


Chaser Convergence - the DOW's are further up the road and we all follow. Every single vehicle is a Storm Chaser - a sight I am very used too by now.


Let's hope tomorrow brings something better! :)

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  • Location: Oldham, Gtr Manchester
  • Location: Oldham, Gtr Manchester

    Thanks for keeping us updated Chaser, great pics again, okay No tornado this time, but fantastic storm pics.

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  • Location: Rushden, East Northamptonshire
  • Location: Rushden, East Northamptonshire

    An excellent daily report and commentary. I wish I was there, look's like today was a bit of a tease.

    Hope you capture something special for us. :)

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