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Guest ChaserUK

Sorry guys but I have to report - another BUST. Storms failed to fire like we expected. An area of cloud plus shortwave ridge meant the 5000 j/kg of CAPE we had went to waste. There is of course tomorrow but here is my frustrating day. For the record, we have done 6700 miles, 700 of those today. Plus, I have a max of 3 days chasing left if I include Saturday (at a push). Never mind, my eyes look towards the Atlantic and GOM next!!!!


Heading N on I29 towards Omaha, NE on the border with Iowa. There is a MODERATE risk of severe weather today, including tornadoes. DP is currently 73F and temps 85F. A warm front will be the focus for the severe thunderstorm development.


NWS radio reporting that there will be conference calls between Storm Spotter Managers and the media this afternoon – things are looking primed for a significant severe weather outbreak. DP’s have now reached a massive 74F – the highest of the trip so far. Some CU starting to build.


Heading E on the I80 for a while just to see what is happening before we turn around and head N on the I29. Some cells have fired up near Sioux City – not sure of their potential. A tornado watch box has gone up to our NW. DP here 71F and temp 82F. Only concern now is the increase in cloud cover – a possible fly in the ointment.


Nothing kicked off down south by the time we left so we have hacked it up the I29 to Sioux Falls in South Dakota and we will then head W on I90 in the hope of catching some supercells that have fired up along a cold front. There is a slim chance of seeing something at least.


We are just N of Salem in Minor County, SD. We are gonna have to call it another bust. Really peed off actually and just want to get to a hotel and forget the whole day. 600 miles for nothing.

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Guest Phil_Uk

Agree. Let's hope you reap some reward for all your efforts mate. Good luck, and most importantly, stay safe!


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Matt im sure you will be honoured to be the first chasers ever to spot the mythical F6 in the coming days :D8) You deserve nothing less, well i'd settle with a few F4 F5's :D

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