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Camp Bestival

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Firstly a big thanks to everyone on here for their efforts on the run up to Glastonbury for providing us with a roller coaster of emotions which unfortunately lead to a quite muddy affair. I was on site from the Tuesday and it was the rain on the Friday that took it over the edge, annoying as I thought / hoped the high pressure would win out on that one and that is what the models were saying up until about the Wednesday I think. Thanks again everybody and special mention of course to JACKONE and Devon Hammer.

If anybody feels like predicting the weather for Camp Bestival in here that would be cool, I dare not do it myself as you lot would never stop laughing, and rightly so :)

From the little I can piece together it would be a surprise if it was anything other than unsettled and if that trend is going to change it better do it soonish.

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