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Extratropical Cyclones


Do you think the UK need to recognise Cyclone and Cyclonic warnings. Even if it saved 1 life.   

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This topic is about an area of weather Im very interested in. I like snow like the rest of us but there is nothing best than a good Wind Storm. I have this link www.pobm.org.uk that seems to be the only one site that is focusing in this area of the weather. Please use this topic area as you please.

Intro to Extratropical Cyclones.

What is an Extratropical cyclone, sometimes called mid-latitude cyclones or wave cyclones, are a group of cyclones defined as synoptic scale low pressure weather systems that occur in the middle latitudes of the Earth (outside the tropics) having neither tropical nor polar characteristics, and are connected with fronts and horizontal gradients in temperature and dew point otherwise known as "baroclinic zones". Extratropical cyclones are the everyday phenomena which, along with anticyclones, drive the weather over much of the Earth including our country the UK, producing anything from cloudiness and mild showers to heavy gales and thunderstorms.

Credit to Wikapedia.

Snow or Gales, will the Atlantic open up this year and provided us with a 'Great Storm'?

I will post more as I collate info to this topic. Please post anything you like.:rolleyes:

Oh and thank you to all those who vote and support this topic.

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Yellow again and thanks for your votes.

A complete list of European Windstorms with images have just been added to BECO and looks good... :yahoo: Any how as regards any look for an update on the Atlantic situation... unsettled as low pressures are moving north and high pressure seems to stay near the south of the Uk.



Weds looks like a poor day with heavy rain from N Wales upwards with the larger falls across NW England say Lancs, Cumbria and Yorkshire. Looks like a breezy spell but nowt special. Will it snow this early winter like previous years or is the Atlantic going to 'open up' as seen in other periods? :rolleyes:

If anyone is more interested in windstorms than snow... post your view/s at this forum. Ttfn. :drinks:

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    Sounds like a plan metman flash!

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    The British Extratropical Cyclone Organisation or 'BECO' aim to focus in researching and forecasting this area of British Meteorology as a non-profit organisation in the quest to understanding the weather we encounter on a daily basis.

    In this quest the BECO Chairman is asking any professional or amateur meteorologists interested in this area to volunteer from your home or work. If you feel you can help forecast, improve this site or may have something else to offer contact us today and join our community new page that only talks about this topic.


    Thank you.

    Not in competition with Net Weather.

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    Timo has moved SSW pushing high pressure back out into the atlantic dropping by 5mb according to latest chart. UWE holding out above Scotland Sven II long gone but his brother is still around but again dropping. This Greenlad High is squeezing depressions up over the atlantic high like a bridge sending fresher lows in and down across the North of the Uk. Look at the trio + of High pressures slapped over Germany, France and Italy. Nice hey? Ttfn.

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