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For Android Phones Snow (and Other Weather) Lovers


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  • Location: Cambridge


I've been a lurker for a few years now. I always tend to start reading end of August with the build up to winter. I especially enjoy the Snow and Ice in the Northern Hemisphere thread that Cyclonic Happiness updates with his pics everyday. (Thanks!)

I note there are quite a few snow lovers on here who get excited about the stuff coming down (hopefully again this winter!) so I thought some of you may appreciate an app I have found for Android handsets. I guess it is good for any type of weather as long as you know a good webcam.

It works really well with my HTC Desire.

Go to the Android Market and search for WebLiveWallpaper which should take you to this app https://market.android.com/details?id=com.dngames.websitelivewallpaper

It basically lets you choose a webcam anywhere on the net and use that image as a background for your homescreens on your phone. You can control lots of settings, I've set mine to update every half hour so as I look at my phone throughout the day I see the changing weather.

I use this image of the Swiss Ski resort of Zermatt which I think works really well and you will be able to see the snow as it comes in. This one starts about 7am and stops updating at about 5:30pm but it updates throughout the day.


You can use any webcam you like as long as you know the full static link for the refreshing image.

A little tip, I've cleared by main homescreen on the phone to only have four apps at the very top and used my other screens to have all the other apps on. That way you get to see more of the image.

Small little app that some will like, some won't be fussed but I enjoy seeing it change everytime I look at my phone throughout the day and can't wait to look at my phone one day soon and see the snow falling! (sad I know but I know there a others as sad as me! lol)


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