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Analysis Of Damage By Lightning July And September 1884 In The Uk: 35 Killed In That Period


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

I have found a table of damage done by lightning from 4th of July to the 21st September 1884 in the UK

35 people were killed in that period and 91 injured.

44 horses were killed and 8 injured

181 cattle were killed and 14 injured

239 sheep killed

2 dogs were killed

3 pigs were killed

82 trees were reported struck

20 churches struck

112 houses struck

10 cottages struck

21 barns and sheds struck

42 chimneys struck

11 factories sttruck

The 12th of August 1884 was a bad day

9 people were killed and 37 inured

20 horses killed

63 cattle killed

38 sheep killed

14 known trees struck

10 churches struck

46 houses struck

26 chimneys struck


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