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The Meteor Storm Of 9th October 1933


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

There was a spectacular meteor storm visible over many parts of Europe on the evening of the 9th October 1933 associated with the Draco meteor shower. Typical with a lot of astronomical events in this country, it was largely cloudy but a few places did get views of it.

Here's a report by a L.Dods

"Last night, October 9th 1933, a most amazing "meteor shower" was observed at Eskdalemuir. I think it worth while forwarding you a description, as practically the whole of England and the extreme east of Scotland were under a thick cloud sheet, so that the phenomenon would probably not be observed in these parts. As regards the british Isles as a whole, it would have been probably been observed in Ireland and western Scotland.

The shower was first observed at 19h 45m GMT by Messrs W.I.Jones and W.A.C. Webb, who drew attention to it and we watched it for a considerable time. The sky to the south and east nearly to the zenith was covered with nimbus and altostratus cloud, the latter presenting a definite edge. The altostratus cloud, the latter associated with a cold front which had passed Eskdalemuir at 17h30m. Detached cumulus couds was visible low down in the west.

Literally thousands of meteors, some very bright, were observed between 19h45m and 20h30m. They were observed at practically all parts of the visible sky and their paths, if produced backwards seem to radiate from an area in the sky in the constellation of Draco near Beta Draconis.

The meteors were most numerous and bright during the first half of the period, thereafter decreasing in frequency and in the number of bright meteors. By 20h30m a sheet of cumulus had spread up from the SW and covered the sky. Thereafter there was were partial clearances and occasional meteors could be seen. "

A Mr Forbes-Bentley counted as many 22,500 which left yellowish trails.

The Draco meteor shower is approaching again, will we again see such a storm?

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